“Braves s**t on the Giants,” “Braves have the Giants right where they want them”

The Atlanta Braves beat the San Francisco Giants 7-6 this afternoon, thus completing a 3-1 series victory this week. Today’s win pushes the Braves’ record to 41-30. It is their 16th win in the past 19 games. The Giants aren’t rolling quite as nicely. They’ve gone .500 in their last 20 games, including this loss. … Read more

“Yeah the all star game is officially a joke” “I f****ng hate the Blue Jays”

Almost all MLB fans — except those rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays — are unhappy right now. The American League’s early All-Star Game ballot was revealed today showing which players led the votes to start at their respective positions. It included four Toronto Blue Jays players. Here are the current American League ballot leaders … Read more

“That’s the Matt Olson the Braves traded for”

The Atlanta Braves brought in first baseman Matt Olson this off-season to replace Freddie Freeman. Olson is a good player, but nobody expected him to fully replace Freeman. The two players are in completely different skill tiers. As of right now, that remains true. Freeman is batting .291 with six home runs, 35 RBIs, and … Read more

“Yes throw a fastball down the middle to Rizzo, that’ll go well”

New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo has been on a tear lately. The 32-year-old has crushed four home runs in his past five games, with two coming against the Toronto Blue Jays and two against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s a slap in the face to all the MLB fans who criticize Yankees players … Read more

“I will stan for Joc until the day I leave this mortal world”

After winning the 2021 World Series Championship with the Atlanta Braves, outfielder Joc Pederson is back at Truist Park for the first time this season. Before tonight’s game, the now-San Francisco Giants outfielder participated in a special pre-gamer ceremony, during which the Braves presented him with his customized World Series ring. During the ceremony, Pederson … Read more

“Matty McDouble” “Well I hope he starts turning those doubles into homers”

Atlanta Braves star first baseman Matt Olson has had a pretty solid season with Atlanta so far this year. The former 2021 All-Star has found a new home, with the Atlanta Braves picking him up this past off-season. Olson, who entered the league back in 2016, spent his entire career in an Oakland Athletics uniform … Read more

“The faster he gets back the faster we can trade him to the Phillies” “Aww f*** no”

The New York Yankees are preparing for the imminent return of one of their most highly paid players, Aroldis Chapman, but fans are dreading the return rather than excitedly anticipating it. The seven-time All-Star was previously the top closer on the team but struggled in his few appearances of the 2022 MLB season, with a … Read more

“Lance Lynn is dogs**t” – Chicago White Sox fans are sorely disappointed after Lance Lynn gets rocked by the Detroit Tigers in first start of the season

This is the last thing Chicago White Sox fans wanted to see. Starting pitcher Lance Lynn — the team’s ace — returned from a knee injury tonight after being sidelined for over two months. He had one of the easiest matchups possible, the Detroit Tigers. The right-hander hadn’t pitched since early April when he threw … Read more

“Wasn’t even close to a ball” “That’s embarrassing for him”

It’s always surprising to see professional athletes make rather simple blunders, but that’s exactly what we saw when Juan Soto began to trot to first base after being called out on strike three. The Washington Nationals superstar was convinced the ball was too low to be a strike, but the umpire disagreed. Watching the clip, … Read more