Sudan recalls envoy to Ethiopia after execution of seven soldiers | Abiy Ahmed News

An earlier statement from the Sudanese military accused Ethiopian troops of executing seven of its soldiers and displaying their bodies to the public. Sudan will summon back its ambassador to Ethiopia immediately for consultations following the killing of seven Sudanese soldiers being held captive by its’ neighbour’s military, the foreign ministry has said. In a … Read more

China’s new aircraft carrier: Never mind the Fujian, these are the ships the US should worry about

Seoul, South Korea CNN — China made a big statement about its naval ambitions with the recent launch of its third and most advanced aircraft carrier. The Fujian – by far China’s biggest, most modern and most powerful aircraft carrier to date – is the 80,000-ton jewel in the crown of a military expansion that … Read more

Kim, N Korea military approve plans to strengthen ‘war deterrent’ | Nuclear Weapons News

Analysts say North Koreans could indicate plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to front lines. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered a strengthening of the country’s defense capabilities at a key meeting where top military officials adopted an “important” action plan for front-line troops. The decisions, reported by state media on Friday, have … Read more

North Korea: Kim Jong Un convenes military meeting amid tensions | Military News

Kim meets top military officials to review defense work and confirm ‘crucial and urgent tasks’ to expand military capabilities, state media says. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has opened a meeting of senior military officials to discuss national defense policies and a continuing arms buildup following a series of ballistic missile tests this year … Read more

Taiwan sends jets to warn off Chinese planes in air defence zone | Military News

Chinese air incursion involved 17 fighters, six H-6 bombers, and electronic warfare and anti-submarine planes. Taiwan scrambled jets to warn away 29 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone, including bombers that flew to the south of the island and into the Pacific. The incursion by Chinese warplanes on Tuesday is the latest uptick … Read more

China tests missile interception system | Military News

The Chinese defense ministry says the test was defensive and ‘not aimed at any country’. China has carried out a land-based missile intercept test that “achieved its expected purpose”, its defense ministry said, describing it as defensive and not aimed at any country. In a brief statement late on Sunday, the ministry said that the … Read more

Leviathan: China’s new navy | Military

The Chinese navy, under instruction from President Xi Jinping, has a modernization and expansion program that is nothing short of spectacular. Friday’s launch of its third and most advanced aircraft carrier, the Fujian, for sea trials underscores just how far it has come, and how fast. The first two carriers, the Liaoning and Shandong, were … Read more

UN Myanmar expert warns of ‘lost generation’ of children | Military News

Tom Andrews accuses Myanmar military of mounting ‘relentless attacks’ on children since seizing power in February 2021. The world risks creating a “lost generation” of children in Myanmar unless it takes immediate steps to protect them from the violence perpetrated by the military since it seized power in February 2021, a United Nations human rights … Read more

US Senate passes bill to help veterans exposed to toxic burn pits | Military News

The bill would benefit some 3.5 million veterans who developed cancer and other illnesses after being exposed to fumes. The United States Senate has approved a sweeping expansion of health care and disability benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans in response to concerns about their exposure to toxic burn pits. The bill passed on … Read more

Analysis: New India army plan may have ‘devastating consequences’ | Military News

“It’s the economy, stupid.” The iconic phrase that guided Bill Clinton’s victory over George HW Bush in the 1992 presidential election in the United States has unleashed itself on the Indian military three decades later. More than half of the Indian government’s defense expenditure of $70.6bn – the third highest in the world after the … Read more