Herschel Walker’s Pitch to Georgia Voters: “I’m Not That Smart”

Would-be US politicians spend millions of dollars a year trying to figure out what voters want. Is it someone with a deep understanding of the issues that affect the electorate, who will work tirelessly to pass laws that will improve lives? A charming outsider who will cut through unending bureaucracy to get things done? A … Read more

Don Bolduc Wins GOP Primary: Will New Hampshire Voters Send an Election Denier to the Senate?

Don Bolduc, a Republican Senate hopeful who has made election denialism a flagship issue of his campaign, has edged out establishment favorite Chuck Morse in the New Hampshire primary. The Associated Press called Bolduc’s win midday Wednesday, with the candidate more than 1,500 votes ahead of Morse, who granted in what sets up another consequential … Read more

“The ‘Let’s Come Together’ Stuff? That’s Over”: Joe Biden Hits the Campaign Trail Ready to Take on Trump

It won’t be full-on Dark Brandon. No lasers will shoot from Joe Biden‘s eyes when he speaks Thursday night in Philadelphia. But the tone of the president’s speech should be plenty blunt and aggressive. “This is not just stump. It’s something new,” a Biden insider says. “He’s not afraid of talking about Trump anymore. He’s … Read more

Behind The New York Times’ New Politics Podcast

“I have never felt like the type of person who traditional political reporting speaks to,” said The New York Times‘ Astead Herndon, who’ll begin hosting a new midterms-focused politics podcast called The Run-Up next week. “I’ve never felt like they were writing for me in mind, never felt like they were writing for the places … Read more

The Future of Democracy Is Now at the Top of Midterm Voters’ Minds

Voters appear to be increasingly concerned about the integrity of democracy. According to an NBC News poll Sunday, Americans now rank “threats to democracy” as the most important issue facing the country — higher, even, than the cost of living and the economy, which was just months ago top of mind. The shift may in … Read more

Maybe Democrats Aren’t Totally Screwed in the Midterms

What if the Democrats aren’t actually screwed in November? The party’s midterm prospects has seemed dim for months: President Joe Biden was polled poorly, congressional Democrats couldn’t seem to get it together, and an extremist GOP that only last year instigated a violent insurrection seemed poised to return to power on Capitol Hill. But while … Read more

Democrats Are Starting to See a Path to Victory in November

What’s this? A Democratic political winning streak? First came the riveting January 6 hearings, with more promised in the fall. Followed by a sweeping, surprising—if tentative—Senate deal on climate change, taxes, and health care. Then the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, a leader of al-Qaida and a key plotter of the September 11 attacks. And on … Read more

Election Deniers Had A Big Night. As Did Democrats Who Think They’ll Be Easier To Beat

It was a good night for election deniers Tuesday — and perhaps for Democrats who believe that these far-right candidates will be easier to beat as November. GOP candidates backed by Donald Trump — and one sort of backed by the former president — notched primary victories in several states Tuesday, dispatching rivals through a … Read more

Why Democrats Have Poured Millions Into a Risky Strategy Elevating MAGA Republicans

Dan Cox for Donald Trump to seize voting machines in the month after the 2020 presidential election, and he pals around with QAnon supporters. During the January 6 insurrection, the rioters closed in on Mike Pence, Cox tweeted that the vice president was a “traitor.” And last Tuesday night, Cox won the Republican nomination for … Read more

Lis Smith Says the Path to Trounce Ron DeSantis Is Straight Through Right-Wing Media

this week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Lis Smith, Democratic campaign veteran and author of the new memoir Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story, which details her journey, the public one and the private one, through Democratic campaigns over the past 17 years, for candidates as varied as Jon Corzine, Barack … Read more