Angry Investors or Business as Usual? Why Murdoch’s Proposed Fox-News Corp. Merger Fell Through

Last October, nearly a decade after News Corp. and Fox split, Rupert Murdoch proposed a meeting. The media mogul had divided his holdings in 2013, after a phone-hacking scandal at his British tabloid, News of the World, that had opened the company up to financial and legal risks. Last year, he was exploring the possibility … Read more

The Washington Post Lays Off 20 Staffers

The Washington Post began laying off staffers on Tuesday morning, according to a source familiar with the situation, early cuts that have had the newsroom on edge for weeks and heightened frustration with management. Impacted staff were notified via email, the source said. A spokesperson for the Post did not immediately respond to a request … Read more

Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post Visit Brings More Questions than Answers

With anxiety running high in the washington post newsroom, what better time for Jeff Bezos to show up? The billionaire owner made an appearance, for the first time in over a year, at the Post on Thursday, sitting in—along with publisher Fred Ryan—on the morning news meeting. The glass conference room was, unsurprisingly, packed. “I’m … Read more

Stephen A. Smith Thinks You, Too, Could Be Stephen A. Smith

Less than a minute into discussing his upcoming memoir, Stephen A. Smith set out the facts: no ghostwriter, no help, did it himself. The boisterous ESPN personality got his start at newspapers, so Straight Shooter, which will be published on Tuesday, marks a return to writing, as well as an occasion to revisit the sometimes-jagged … Read more

What Happened to The New York Times’ Media Column?

It was this time last year that New York Times media columnist ben smith announced he’d be giving up one of the most coveted jobs in journalism. The former BuzzFeed editor’s abrupt departure quickly sparked a guessing game among media-watchers and members of the newsroom as to who would take his place from him. While … Read more

“Democracy Dies in Darkness, Huh?”: Washington Post Publisher Stuns Newsroom With Layoff Bombshell—And Hasty Exit

The washington post Guild went into Wednesday’s town hall with a plan. Anticipating that publisher Fred Ryan wasn’t going to take live questions—he wasn’t so happy the last time he was publicly confronted by a staffer in such a forum—they’d crowd-sourced a list of questions in advance and got more than 70 staffers to send … Read more

“The Sulzbergers Must Hate This”: Scenes From The New York Times Picket Line

A sea of ​​red shirts filled the half block outside The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan, spilling out onto the street; Scabby, the 12-foot inflatable rat with bloodshot eyes and a festering underbelly sat next to a cardboard box of extra signs: “NEW YORK TIMES WALKS OUT.” On Thursday, after months of building newsroom … Read more

Layoffs and Hiring Freezes: Media Industry Ends 2022 With Bad News for Journalists

The anticipated “bad winter” for media companies and their workers has arrived early. This week a number of major outlets announced layoffs, print cuts, hiring freezes, and other measures to address declining advertising revenue and annual losses. CNN, under pressure from parent company Warner Bros. Discovery—which posted a net loss of $2.3 billion in the … Read more

The 2024 Election Beat Is Starting to Shake Out

Before Jonathan Swan joined The New York Times Earlier this month, there was stiff competition to poach a journalist who emerged during the Trump years as one of the industry’s biggest stars—and whose contract with Axios was known to be up at the end of the year. In addition to The Times, Swan had offers … Read more

A Donald Trump 2024 Bid Will Test If the Media’s Learned Anything Since 2016

Earlier this month, multiple news outlets reported that donald trump‘s inner circle was discussing launching his anticipated 2024 presidential campaign on November 14. Then came reports that Trump was weighing whether to do it at a rally in Ohio on the eve of Election Day, but was talked out of it by top Republicans. It … Read more