Bobby Hull, Ivan Provorov don’t need you to defend them

Bobby Hull, who is dead now, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer who intervened after Hull’s third wife accused him of domestic abuse. Hull’s second wife said he beat her nearly to death with a shoe. Hull was also quoted as saying “Hitler had some good ideas,” but denied saying that, causing Hull’s daughter … Read more

Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Belongings Are Going Up For Auction

2022 seems to have been the year of Marilyn Monroe, and it’s not quite over yet. An array of the silver screen icon’s personal possessions are once again going up for auction, that is if kim kardashian doesn’t get her hands on them first. Julien’s Auctions and TCM Present: Icons & Idols Hollywood are teaming … Read more

Blonde Contributes to Anti-Abortion Propaganda, Says Planned Parenthood

Andrew Dominik‘s adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates‘s novel blonde, a meditation on the myth of Marilyn Monroe now streaming on Netflix, has its share of defenders and its (very) vocal critics. While some of the debate is about separating fact from fiction, many have zeroed in on the movie’s two coerced abortion sequences and, at … Read more

‘Blonde’: Is the New Marilyn Monroe Movie an Antiabortion Fever Dream?

That the Marilyn of the movie regrets this decision is undeniable. She is shown as haunted by her abortion, paralyzed in her dressing room and unable to perform. While surrounded by thunderous applause at the premiere of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she wipes tears from her eyes and whispers to herself, “For this you killed your … Read more

9 Essential Marilyn Monroe Movies to Watch After ‘Blonde’

Few movie stars have contributed as many iconic images to cinema as Marilyn Monroe. Over the course of her 29-film career, which began with a name change and a reported $125-per-week contract with 20th Century Fox, she turned the “dumb blonde” trope on its head and forever shifted the way we see things like diamonds … Read more

‘Blonde’: Marilyn Monroe’s Show Business Tales, Debunked

spoilers for blonde ahead. In his review for Netflix’s blonde, starring Ana de Armas and based on Joyce Carol Oates‘s bestselling 2000 novel, vanity fair‘s Richard Lawson points out that filmmaker Andrew Dominik “offers precious little of [Marilyn Monroe] at work.” Her 15-year career in Hollywood—in which Monroe was first an underestimated studio contract player, … Read more

‘Blonde’: Who Were Marilyn Monroe’s Troubled Mother and Mysterious Father?

spoilers for blonde ahead. “Every baby needs a da-da-daddy,” Marilyn Monroe sings in one of her first credited roles, as former burlesque dancer Peggy Martin in 1948’s Ladies of the Chorus. In some ways, this infantilized yet sexualized plea is at the forefront of the portrayal of Monroe and her wounded psyche in Netflix’s blonde. … Read more

We’re All Having a Blonde Moment Right Now

“Who’s the blonde? Who’s the blonde? The blonde?” A swarm of men—lust or dollar signs in their eyes—clamors to know at a 1950 screening of The Asphalt Jungle, featuring the newly minted Marilyn Monroe. As Joyce Carol Oates writes the scene in her 2000 novel blonde (a film adaptation by Andrew Dominik arrives this fall, … Read more

Inside Ana de Armas’s Marilyn Monroe Transformation for Blonde

When Ana de Armas first saw herself dressed as Marilyn Mone in Netflix’s highly anticipatedro new film blondethe roller coaster of emotions hit her hard. “It felt so real. It was a very strong sensation… because it’s hard for me not to report to the story of what was happening to her and to the … Read more

Ana De Armas’ NC-17 Marilyn Monroe Biopic ‘Blonde’ Premieres At TIFF: Review

For those who have long complained that too many biopics are staid and formulaic—we see a familiar rise, the expected fall (or bobble), and then some kind of warmly summative ending—the director Andrew Dominiklike Todd Haynes and others before him, has come up with a different approach. His adaptation of blondethe popular novel by Joyce … Read more