For your own health, never play against the Carolina Panthers

Beware of playing after playing the Panthers.Photo🇧🇷 Getty Images The Carolina Panthers are not a good team. They’re one of the worst teams in the NFL in fact. They’re trotting out a former XFL quarterback as their starter. They lost Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson. They don’t use DJ Moore. They’re one of only two … Read more

Week 7 NFL slate is garbage, just like the NFC

illustration: shutterstock There are two NFC teams playing in Week 7 of the NFL season with a winning record. That’s right, one for each middle finger to average gridiron play. There’s only four in total. Two are on a BYE? Philadelphia (6-0) and Minnesota (5-1). Dallas, using mostly a backup quarterback to get to this … Read more

Week 6 NFL Powerless Ranking: The stench is overwhelming

1. Carolina Panthers (1-5) Image: Getty Images The sky is falling in Carolina as this team continues to implode after losing to the LA Rams on Sunday. With Baker Mayfield out and Sam Darnold on injured reserve, QB duties fell to PJ Walker and Jacob Eason. Both players saw time and passed for a combined … Read more

Why don’t teams run more QB sneaks?

photo: Getty Images About a week ago, Jason and Travis Kelce were discussing goal-to-go short-yardage plays on their podcast, “New Heights.” Travis, a pass-catching tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, seemed to think a pass play was the way to go. “I’m running some type of rollout,” said the younger brother. Jason, the Philadelphia … Read more

New York’s Jets, Giants and Bills means business early in 2022 season

Was a good Sunday in New York.illustration: Getty Images Look at the state of New York through the first four games of the season. Football fans from across the Empire State — and certain parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Canada — have reason to enjoy watching their teams through the first month of the … Read more

Steelers bench QB Mitch Trubisky for Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickettphoto: Getty Images It only took 3 ½ games for Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin to decide he’d seen enough of Mitch Trubisky. Tomlin couldn’t have chosen a better time to make the switch than during their Week 4 tilt with the New York Jets at home in Pittsburgh. Pickett got a mega … Read more

The NFL’s bottom five QBs of Week 3

This season hasn’t gotten off to a great start for Mac Jones.Image: Getty Images Each week of the NFL season, we watch some fantastic quarterback performances. Then we have those that make us cringe. For every great QB outing, there are five others that make even the most diehard fan want to puke. Here are … Read more

Steelers vs. Browns on Amazon

Let’s see how long Mitch Trubisky lasts as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ starting QBImage: Getty Images Amazon wants its Thursday Night Football games to be a Monday or Sunday night event as bad as Cleveland wants a Super Bowl. Well, maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad. Tonight’s game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland features one … Read more

Mitch Trubisky has one more chance with Pittsburgh Steelers

Will Mitch Trubisky stick in Pittsburgh?Image: Getty Images Mitch Trubisky is getting another shot in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Not a bad feel-good story for Week 1. It’s hard to be the first quarterback taken at No. 2 in a draft in which Patrick Mahomes was selected eight picks later, especially being that … Read more

Commanders could look to Sam Howell as QB of the future

Image: Getty Images Entering his junior season at Chapel Hill, Sam Howell had NFL Draft experts salivating. He and Spencer Rattler were thought to be the franchise-changing quarterbacks of the 2022 class. quickly How they both fell out of favor. Rattler lost his starting job at Oklahoma and transferred to South Carolina to re-establish his … Read more