Chiefs must rely on Travis Kelce to beat Chargers

Travis Kelce (c.)photo: Getty Images I know several fans might be inclined to think this Thursday Night Football game will be lower scoring than we’re anticipating. LA’s Keenan Allen was ruled out, and this will be the first time in the Justin Herbert era that the Chiefs will be without Tyreek Hill. However, in case … Read more

LA Chargers’ Austin Ekeler invites trolls into social media DMs

Chargers’ Austin Ekeler has no idea what he’s in for.Image: Getty Images Chargers running back Austin Ekeler opened a big can of worms on Yahoo’s Fantasy Football Forecast with Matt Harmon. Ekeler commented on his stat line from Week 1 against the Raiders and admitted that he needs to play better, then went so far … Read more

Stephen A. Smith picks Chargers to lose despite outscoring Raiders

photo: Getty Images Stephen A. Smith is great television. The way he casually cascades between idioms in an excited, commanding voice is magnificent. I get jealous of his inflection just watching him. That said, he’s also had a series of brain farts that can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s ranting about nonexistent ties in hockey or … Read more

Time for Chargers, with loaded D and young star QB, to shine

Justin Herbertphoto: AP The Los Angeles Chargers are officially in win-now mode after a big offseason that’s seemingly flown under the radar. LA made moves to bulk up their defense and spent big bucks to ensure they’ve at least got a shot at competing in the AFC over the next couple of years. But this … Read more

Baltimore Ravens start 2022 with mainly inexperienced receivers

If you correctly ID’d Ravens’ wide receivers Rashod Bateman (r.), and James Proche II (l.), you’re probably from Baltimore. photo: AP The Baltimore Ravens released their first official depth chart for 2022 five days ago. It lists 12 wide receivers. Together, those twelve receivers have combined for 1,227 career receiving yards. Congratulations! That total would … Read more

Russell Wilson’s ‘try hard’ persona just what the Broncos need

Russ says, ‘Let’s ride!’photo: Getty Images Do you know how we can tell Russell Wilson has that “it” factor? Because everything he does this offseason seems to spark a chain reaction on the wavelength of a butterfly causing a hurricane. It might be that Pennywise the Clown “It” factor to some, but “it’s” something, nonetheless. … Read more