Chiefs’ Jaylen Watson’s pick-6 on Chargers coach Brandon Staley

He could…go…all…the…way…99 yards!Image: Getty Images Last night’s Chargers-Chiefs game was fantastic, a display of two of the best young talents in the game at quarterback. Ultimately, the Chiefs walked away with the 27-24 victory, proving that the road to an AFC West title still runs through Kansas City. The turning point in the game was … Read more

L.A. Chargers hope to change AFC West hierarchy

The Chargers and Chiefs face off on Thursday Night Football.Image: Getty Images As someone who prefers Marvel comics to DC — you can like both but every nerd has a favorite child — I find DC’s attempt to replicate Marvel Studios’ somewhat coherent movie IP charming. Really, really bad and borderline unwatchable, but charming nonetheless. … Read more

Chiefs must rely on Travis Kelce to beat Chargers

Travis Kelce (c.)photo: Getty Images I know several fans might be inclined to think this Thursday Night Football game will be lower scoring than we’re anticipating. LA’s Keenan Allen was ruled out, and this will be the first time in the Justin Herbert era that the Chiefs will be without Tyreek Hill. However, in case … Read more

Stephen A. Smith picks Chargers to lose despite outscoring Raiders

photo: Getty Images Stephen A. Smith is great television. The way he casually cascades between idioms in an excited, commanding voice is magnificent. I get jealous of his inflection just watching him. That said, he’s also had a series of brain farts that can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s ranting about nonexistent ties in hockey or … Read more

5 NFL teams with high expectations that could easily disappoint

photo: Getty Images Tua Tagovailoa is facing the most pressure of any young quarterback in the league heading into the 2022 campaign. The kid drafted one pick after him (Justin Herbert) in Los Angeles has set the league on fire in his first two seasons, won offensive Rookie of the Year, and was named to … Read more

Has there ever been a more unpredictable division than the 2022 AFC West?

Will the Broncos with Russ at QB ride to an AFC West title?photo: Getty Images Throughout this series we’ve been doing this week, we always try to start every preview with a logical outcome. What is expected from the division? How are experts and analysts predicting this division to play out come season’s end? Who’s … Read more

49ers restructure Jimmy Garoppolo’s deal to keep him as Trey Lance’s backup

After all that, Jimmy G is still in San Franphoto: Getty Images Jimmy Garoppolo sticking around as the backup in the San Francisco 49ers quarterback after all the goodbyes since February is one of the offseason’s biggest shockers. It probably shouldn’t be. Jimmy G and the Niners re-committing to each other ends a summer of … Read more

The Oregon Ducks’ biggest pro sports star of this century is… Justin Herbert?

The Mightiest Duck?Image: Getty Images Since 2000, the Oregon Ducks football team has reached double-digit wins 12 times. That’s more than a lot of schools in that span, including college football programs laden with tradition like Michigan (eight seasons), Florida (nine), Notre Dame (nine), and USC (11). There have been many unforgettable moments, coaches, and … Read more

Time for Chargers, with loaded D and young star QB, to shine

Justin Herbertphoto: AP The Los Angeles Chargers are officially in win-now mode after a big offseason that’s seemingly flown under the radar. LA made moves to bulk up their defense and spent big bucks to ensure they’ve at least got a shot at competing in the AFC over the next couple of years. But this … Read more

Is Chargers head coach Brandon Staley too aggressive on fourth down?

Brandon Staleyphoto: Getty Images Sometimes football coaches can become so set in how “they do things” that their philosophy can negatively affect the team’s overall production. That could be said about Los Angeles Chargers second-year head coach Brandon Staley. He believes in rolling the dice and going for it on fourth down. And he’s not … Read more