Kareem Hunt wants out of Cleveland, Jimmy G needs out of San Francisco

Image: Getty Images The offseason drama and turmoil in Cleveland will apparently carry over into the regular season. DeShaun Watson’s punishment was handed out last week to the tune of a very underwhelming six-game suspensionwhich has been appealed by the NFL. Now one of Cleveland’s primary offensive weapons, Kareem Hunt, is not only sitting out … Read more

49ers should trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Steelers

You know you want it, Pittsburgh.Image: Getty Images Jimmy Garoppolo is at San Francisco 49ers’ camp, and according to the team, he is able to practice with no restrictions as of today. The team doctors deemed that he was healthy enough not to go on the PUP list at the opening of training camp. He … Read more

Jimmy G must be off 49ers’ roster by the time the season starts

Where will Jimmy G end up?photo: Getty Images It’s been a wild ride for Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco, to say the least. He’s been nothing short of a savior for the franchise, returning them to their status as a powerhouse in the NFC. But all good things must come to an end, and that … Read more

Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t going to Tampa, but would work for another NFC team

Jimmy Garoppolophoto: Getty Images Now that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is on the mend following shoulder surgery in March, trade rumors are starting to resurface, with one sounding too ridiculous to be true. The rumor that Tampa Bay is interested in bringing Garoppolo to Florida has been floating around. The mere thought of … Read more

A.J. Brown trade hurts 49ers’ leverage with Deebo Samuel

Image: Getty Images According to a report from Nicholas McGee of ‘The 33rd Team,‘ the 49ers received multiple “Tyreek Hill/Davante Adams-type offers for Deebo Samuel” prior to the draft. They rejected them all. I can’t say I blame them. It’s well documented how efficient the 49ers offense was last year with Deebo in the fold. … Read more

The 49ers have to trade Deebo Samuel

Jimmy Garoppolo (l.) and Deebo Samuelphoto: Getty Images Let’s be honest, the only way the 49ers get to a Super Bowl next season is if their defense stays healthy and Deebo Samuel has another MVP-type season. And the only way he does that is if he remains healthy while being used like a pee wee … Read more

Deebo Samuel axing 49ers from social media means nothing

Deebo Samuel’s 49ers content running away from his social media accounts.Image: Getty Images It’s becoming routine at this point. A player is up for extension. Their team refuses to give them said extension. The player publicly airs their frustration over social media. Fans of said team go crazy and start spouting out wild theories and … Read more