New York Jets fans upset Cleveland Browns

What a shame.Image: Getty Images Sports fandom is a series of choices. You have to tell yourself a lot of things that might be a fudging of the truth, or outright lies to get through to the next game, the next season, whatever it might be (remember I’m a Bears fan). So yeah, there are … Read more

Bengals’ Joe Burrow’s ‘magic’ might not be enough to save the season

Joe Burrow could use a lot more pass protection.Image: Getty Images After losing to the Cowboys Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals fell to 0-2. It would seem lady luck has abandoned ship and put last year’s Super Bowl runner-up on notice that it might not be as easy as once thought. Building a perennial winner in … Read more

Texans, Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Jets

1. New York Jets Image: Getty Images The Jets had a pretty good offseason. Unfortunately, they probably won’t improve enough to make a huge impact in the standings. At best, they’ll be the third-best team in the AFC East which isn’t exactly the toughest division in the NFL. And Zach Wilson is likely to miss … Read more

Where do things stand between Lamar Jackson and the Ravens?

Is Lamar Jackson using social media to pressure the Ravens into a long-term deal?Image: Getty Images What does Lamar Jackson want? It’s reasonable to assume that Jackson hopes for a healthier season for he and his teammates than they all had last year. Surely he wants to turn the ball over less after throwing double-digit … Read more

Are the Ravens actually holding Lamar Jackson back?

Lamar Jacksonphoto: Getty Images Lamar Jackson is one of the most dynamic players in the history of the NFL. He runs and moves like a race car, and has always been stronger than he’s given credit for — though he has put on some muscle this offseason. When defenders are one-on-one in the open field … Read more

Mike Tomlin should get it over with and just start Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickettphoto: Getty Images “What is this if not betrayal? She felt you after me knowing you’re not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad.” – Raoul Silva Anytime you can work a Javier Bardem”skyfall” quote into an article, you might as well make it the thesis of your piece. This is … Read more

Baltimore Ravens start 2022 with mainly inexperienced receivers

If you correctly ID’d Ravens’ wide receivers Rashod Bateman (r.), and James Proche II (l.), you’re probably from Baltimore. photo: AP The Baltimore Ravens released their first official depth chart for 2022 five days ago. It lists 12 wide receivers. Together, those twelve receivers have combined for 1,227 career receiving yards. Congratulations! That total would … Read more

Commanders, Seahawks, Browns, Panthers all with new quarterbacks

Carson Wentz is back in the NFC Eastphoto: AP The quarterback troubles from the nation’s capital have been well documented. No starter has manned the team for a majority of its games for more than three seasons in a row since Mark Rypien, who quarterbacked Washington from 1989-93. Since the start of the 2018 season, … Read more