Welcome to Blah-gust, the worst time of the sporting calendar

OH MY GOD WHO CARESphoto: AP Mark it down: 9:35 am Wednesday, Aug. 10. We’ve reached the peak (nadir?) of sports’ slow season. You know it’s the doggiest of dog days when ESPN is killing time with Little League World Series coverage. No disrespect to the youth, but I’m not going to subject myself to … Read more

Andrew Wiggins gets vaccinated, wins title, complains

Andrew Wiggins got vaxxed, won a title, complainedphoto: Getty Images There’s not a ton to add to the story beyond the headline. Andrew Wiggins, coming off the best year of his career, is still kind of sore that he had to get vaccinated. Here’s what he told FanSided’s Mark Carmen about how unfair it was … Read more

Raiders hire NFL’s first black female team president

Sandra Douglass Morgan was hired by Mark Davis and becomes football’s first Black female president.Image: Getty Images The Las Vegas Raiders are making NFL history again in the front office by hiring Sandra Douglass Morgan as the first Black female team president. The Raiders were also the first team to have a female CEO in … Read more

Five Tampa Bay Rays remove Pride patches from uniform

Bigotry is on full display in Tampa Bay.illustration: Getty Images Remember, not so long ago, that one of the reasons it was thought the Colorado Rockies couldn’t win is because the whole organization was dead set on being a weird religious cult? That’s quieted down in recent years, and it just turns out they’re more … Read more

Winning Time Episode 5 in-depth look at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

photo: HBO what makes Winning Time‘s tapestry of stories enthralling is how it reflects the chaotic jazz of our lives. Every character is at odds against the world and themselves. Magic, Jerry Buss, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, each man is fighting a private war. For many of them, it’s a war of the spirit against the flesh. … Read more