Leicester: Call for calm after Hindu-Muslim unrest in UK city | Islamophobia News

Community leaders and local politicians in the British city of Leicester have called for an immediate end to “provocation and violence” after weeks of unrest that was triggered following a cricket match between India and Pakistan late last month. Leaders of Hindu and Muslim communities gathered on Tuesday morning on the steps of a mosque. … Read more

Hijab ban proposal sparks debate, protests in Denmark | Human Rights News

The Danish Commission for the Forgotten Women’s Struggle – a body set up by Denmark’s ruling Social Democratic Party – has recommended that the country’s government ban hijabs (Muslim headscarves) for students in Danish elementary schools. The August 24 proposal is one of nine recommendations with the stated aim of preventing “honour-related social control” of … Read more

Muslim domestic workers in India changing names out of fear | Islamophobia News

New Delhi, India – Munni Begum was 10 when her mother made her drop her last name. At that time, she didn’t understand why. She often accompanied her mother and grandmother as they juggled multiple cleaning, cooking and caregiving jobs in the Indian capital, New Delhi. But it was only when Begum, now in her … Read more

France to expel French-born imam to Morocco over ‘hate speech’ | Islamophobia News

Interior minister hails top administrative court’s green light for Hassan Iquioussen’s expulsion as ‘a great victory for the republic’. France’s top administrative court has given the green light for the expulsion to Morocco of an imam accused of “hate speech” to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. Hassan Iquioussen “will be expelled from the national territory” in … Read more

Indian politician boasts about getting Muslims killed – on camera | Islamophobia News

A video of Gyan Dev Ahuja, a former legislator belonging to PM Narendra Modi’s BJP, has gone viral in India. A former politician belonging to India’s ruling party has been caught on camera boasting about getting at least five Muslims killed in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. “We have killed five of them so … Read more

Bilkis Bano condemns release of her convicted rapists in India | Sexual Assault News

A Muslim woman who was gang raped while pregnant during India’s devastating 2002 religious riots has appealed to the government to rescind its decision to free the 11 men who had been jailed for life for committing the crime, after they were released on suspended sentences. Bilkis Bano, who is now in her forties, was … Read more

As India turns 75, there is little to celebrate | Human Rights

Today, it has been 75 years since India gained its independence from British rule. The lead-up to this occasion has been marked by much pomp and circumstance. The government of India launched the “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” initiative on March 12, 2021, commencing a 75-week countdown to the 75th Independence Day. The initiative is meant … Read more

Suspect in Albuquerque Muslim killings denies involvement | Crime News

A fear of attacks that had rippled through Muslim communities nationwide in the United States after the fatal shootings of four men in Albuquerque, New Mexico, gave way to shock and sadness when it turned out the suspect in the killings was himself a Muslim. Muhammad Syed, 51, of Albuquerque, was arrested Monday after a … Read more

Albuquerque police arrest ‘suspect’ in killing of US Muslim men | Islamophobia News

The slaying of four Muslim men in New Mexico had sparked fear among Muslim-American communities across the country. The Albuquerque Police Department has said it detained a “primary suspect” in the recent murder of four Muslim men in the US state of New Mexico. The police announced the arrest on Twitter on Tuesday after the … Read more

‘Who is next?’ Fear spreads in US Muslim community amid killings | Islamophobia News

A series of killings of Muslim men in New Mexico has sent a wave of fear through Muslim communities across the United States. Authorities identified the fourth victim on Monday, and have not ruled out the possibility that the murders of several Muslim men in the city of Albuquerque could be linked. Three of the … Read more