Aid Organizations Must Include the Youth Voice August 12, 2022International Youth Day — Global Issues

HD Wright opinion by Yasmine Sherif, HD Wright (new York) Friday, August 12, 2022 Inter Press Service NEW YORK, Aug 12 (IPS) – Today marks International Youth Day, a global celebration of the transformative power of young people. Introduced by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999, the event was inaugurated not only to observe … Read more

A Safe Haven for Ousted Political Leaders Escaping Executions and Hangings — Global Issues

opinion by Thalif Deen (united nations) Friday, August 12, 2022 Inter Press Service UNITED NATIONS, Aug 12 (IPS) – When world political leaders, mostly presidents and prime ministers, are bold from following power following military coups or street demonstrations, they flee to “safe havens” to avoid being jailed, executed by firing squads or hanged in … Read more

Democracy in Iraq Under Threat Following the Storming of Parliament — Global Issues

Sarah Hepp opinion by Sarah Hepp (amman, jordan) Friday, August 12, 2022 Inter Press Service AMMAN, Jordan, Aug 12 (IPS) – The storming of the Iraqi parliament by supporters of Al-Sadr was motivated by years of political impasse — threatening Iraq’s democracy and peace Iraq’s stricken democracy is being stress-tested once again and the Iraqi … Read more

Pariah Solidarity Between Myanmar & Russia — Global Issues

opinion by Mauro Teodori (brussels) Thursday, August 11, 2022 Inter Press Service BRUSSELS, Aug 11 (IPS) – On August 3rd residents of the Myanmar capital Naypyitaw were suddenly awakened by the sound of military helicopters in the air. The helicopters hovered over the city all day. The way to the regime’s foreign ministry was also … Read more

Zimbabwe Makes First Journalist Arrests Under Cybersecurity Law — Global Issues

Alpha Media Holdings editor-in-chief and editor of NewsDay, Wisdom Mdzungairi (pictured), senior reporter, Desmond Chingarande and with company’s legal officer, Tatenda Chikohora were arrested on allegations of violating the Data Protection Act. Credit: NewsDay by Ignatius Banda (bulawayo) Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Inter Press Service Bulawayo, Aug 10 (IPS) – Zimbabwe’s press freedom credentials suffered … Read more

An Opportunity to Create a Bottom-Up Global Governance — Global Issues

opinion by Simone Galimberti (kathmandu, nepal) Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Inter Press Service KATHMAN Secretary, Aug 10 (IPS) The upcoming summit on Education, part of the UN General’s ambitious secretary, can truly bring accountability and participation to the inevitably new ways education will be imparted in the future. With scorching temperatures, uncontrolled flames and floods … Read more

Time for Bold Action — Global Issues

Due to the increasingly visible consequences of climate change, governments are finding it difficult to downplay the warnings of scientists. Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS opinion by Joseph Chamie (portland, use) Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Inter Press Service PORTLAND, USA, Aug 10 (IPS) – With climate change bringing about increasing numbers of human deaths and untold … Read more

How COVID Made the Situation Worse — Global Issues

Having younger or multiple dependents at various educational stages and the demands of home schooling had a negative impact on the outputs of women academics. Credit: Bigstock opinion Tuesday, August 09, 2022 Inter Press Service Aug 09 (IPS) – The under-representation of women in research is well documented. Emerging evidence suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic … Read more

Aid Workers Encounter Courage, Damage, Dislocation and Resilience in War-Torn Ukraine — Global Issues

Dr Svetlana Alexandrova, Medical Director of the Chernihiv Psychoneurological Hospital, and Yevgen Skydan, Technical Specialist, walk Todd Bernhardt and his team through the basement where patients and staff were sheltered during the Russian invasion. Credit: International Medical Corps by Seimi Chu (stanford) Tuesday, August 09, 2022 Inter Press Service Stanford, Aug 09 (IPS) – During … Read more

April Fools Inflation Medicine Threatens Progress — Global Issues

opinion by Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Anis Chowdhury (sydney and kuala lumpur) Tuesday, August 09, 2022 Inter Press Service SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 09 (IPS) – The world economy is on the brink of outright recession, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Ukraine war and sanctions have scuttled recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read more