The Legacy and Future of Generation X

In this special episode of Inside the Hive, three guests—vanity fair editor in chief Radhika Jones, writer and podcaster Molly Jong-Fast, and stand-up comic and actor Patton Oswalt—discuss the cultural and political legacy of Generation X. Asks hive cohost Joe Hagan: How has the slacker generation, once known for irony and ambivalence, weathered the 21st … Read more

“We Are Currently Being Harmed” by Trump’s Info Breach: Andrew Weissmann Breaks Down the Case Against the Ex-POTUS

Never has there been a time in US history when lawyers were as in the foreground as they have been during the era of Donald Trump. Many of them have ended up under the bus, from Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort to Rudy Giuliani. But the many twists and investigatory turns over the last half-decade … Read more

Judge Cannon Has Introduced a “Red Herring”: TrumpNation Author Tim O’Brien Breaks Down the Former President’s Legal Nightmare

This week, cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan talk to Tim O’Brien, executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion and author of TrumpNation, about the latest obstacle in the Department of Justice’s investigation into Donald Trump‘s handling of top secret documents. The decision by Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, to appoint a “special master” to … Read more

Insurgent Congressman Pat Ryan Says Dems Win by Getting “Real”

Virtually every poll this summer had Democrat Pat Ryan losing his campaign for Congress to Republican challenger Marc Molinaro, including one released on the day of the election. This week, Ryan joins Inside the Hive’s Joe Hagan to talk about his shock victory in a rural New York district that’s now being viewed as a … Read more

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on DeSantis vs. Trump, Plus the President’s Actions on Jan. 6

My opinion is that she knew what was going on that day from perhaps that she had been up in the residence or phone calls that she listened to in on. She was often in the room when he was on the phone with people. They’d be on speaker together. So I just felt like … Read more

Lis Smith Says the Path to Trounce Ron DeSantis Is Straight Through Right-Wing Media

this week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Lis Smith, Democratic campaign veteran and author of the new memoir Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story, which details her journey, the public one and the private one, through Democratic campaigns over the past 17 years, for candidates as varied as Jon Corzine, Barack … Read more

How Chrysta Bilton Discovered Her 35 Siblings—And More Life-Changing Truths

On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan, along with Eric Lutz, dive into the latest revelations from the January 6 committee and explore what could happen next as the panel draws to a close. Then Chrysta Bilton and her husband, vanity fair corresponding special Nick Billton, join … Read more

Civil War Is “on the Table”: Jeff Sharlet on the Martyrdom of Ashli Babbitt and What’s to Come

this week vanity fair contributing editor Jeff Sharlet joins Inside the Hive to talk about his journey into the far-right world of January 6 insurrectionists, QAnon-ers, and Trump cultists—who they are, what they’re saying, what they believe, and what their still-growing movement might portend (including the specter of civil war in America). Such a prospect, … Read more

‘Roe’: Cecile Richards on Abortion Battle, Planned Parenthood, and Texas Fear

In the week since the Supreme Court did away with the settled law of the land that codified people’s rights to choose their own personal health and economic freedom, a sense of helplessness and doom has set in. Women have flooded websites that sell abortion pills, and hotlines that provide access to birth control. Pharmacies, … Read more