Warriors fan tries to kiss Steph Curry at championship parade

Personal space!screenshot: TheMisterMann/Twitter Things got a little wild during Tuesday’s Golden State warriors championship parade ceremony. Any team that wins a championship can bet on fans losing their minds alongside the athletes who won the title on the court. One young lady decided to seize her opportunity upon meeting Stephen Curry face to face and … Read more

Davidson finally decides to honor Steph Curry

/Steph Curry finally made the Davidson Hall of Fame.Image: Getty Images Steph Curry is not your average, ordinary, everyday basketball player. What a hot take from me, right? Sizzling! I had to put my keyboard in an ice bath after typing out those words. He’s the greatest shooter of all time. He’s arguably a top-10 … Read more

A Father’s Day gift that’s better than a few sleeves of Pro V1s

photo: Getty Images Finding a Father’s Day gift is difficult, especially when you have a dad like mine who keeps every tool and gadget — outside of that marble-headed Coors putter he broke that was a real life Billy Baroo and the only club of his I coveted — in pristine condition. If there’s an … Read more

How can anyone root against Steph Curry? I’ll tell you how

Is this your king?Image: Getty Images I tend to cringe when NBA pundits incredulously ask, “How could anyone root against Steph Curry?!” I’m not a LeBron true believer, here to shoot the greatest shooter in the history of the game. He’s incredible. The hand-eye coordination is something out of Star Wars. When little Anakin Skywalker … Read more

Aaron Rodgers’ new admirer Blu is just a normal hippie, not a witch

Aaron Rodgers is dating Blu, who is apparently not a witch.illustration: Getty/blucosmiceagle.com Guys, Aaron Rodgers isn’t dating a witch, and her name isn’t Blu of Earth. It’s just Bluand she’s a podcast host as well as the founder of Florescence, a “modern mystery school for women to reclaim the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic … Read more

Tony La Russa intentionally walks Trae Turner with two strikes

Jerry Reinsdorf still tormenting White Sox fans.Image: Getty Images I have tried to explain the weirdness that encompasses, and in some way, the Chicago White Sox. They are a unique entity, both on the field and off, and in the stands and on the airwaves and in the bars. But it’s pretty simple to see … Read more

Athletes-turned-servicemen and women are not unique to America

photo: Getty Images While Memorial Day may be a uniquely American holiday, its sentiments — honoring those who have given their lives for their country in the line of duty — are global. America is no longer at war, having pulled out of Afghanistan, and if there was any positive to take away from that … Read more

The running back formerly known as Ricky Williams adopts wife’s last name

Meet Errick Miron.Image: Getty Images Remember when everyone clutched their pearls after Ricky Williams mimed smoking a joint on the sidelines of a Miami Dolphins game? It aged about as well as the “a college scholarship is more than enough compensation for student athletes” argument. Not only would America be richer had it taken Errick … Read more

Luka Doncic’s beer pic doesn’t need to be part of public discourse

Leave Luka alone.Image: AP As people at all points on the political spectrum believe that America is in a godless state, I would like to share a portion of one of my favorite scriptures from the Christian Bible. I believe that I Thessalonians 4:11 can be shared in a public forum of people with various … Read more

The dark history of Southern Hills Country Club site of 2022 PGA Championship

illustration: Southern Hills Country Club/AP Death threats, mob executions, unbearable heat — the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla., where the 2022 PGA Championship will be hosted next week, has quite the spine-chilling history. In honor of it being Friday the 13th and all, let’s dive into the scariest stories that the club has … Read more