A Gang Execution, Pleading the 5th, Justice for a Dead Dog: Against All Odds, the George Santos Story Has Gotten Even More Bizarre

Less than two months after first learning that newly elected congressman George Santos lied about, conservatively, 97% of his biography, it’s basically become a full-time job to keep up with the twists, turns, investigations, and insane revelations concerning the GOP lawmaker. Last week alone, for instance, it emerged that he’d baselessly: Claimed to have been … Read more

FBI Reportedly Investigating George Santos for Stealing $3,000 From Veteran

https://sputniknews.com/20230202/fbi-reportedly-investigating-george-santos-for-stealing-3000-from-homeless-veteran-1106900623.html FBI Reportedly Investigating George Santos for Stealing $3,000 From Homeless Veteran FBI Reportedly Investigating George Santos for Stealing $3,000 From Homeless Veteran The GoFundMe scheme raised $3,000 for life-saving surgery for a dying service dog owned by a disabled United States Navy veteran, however Osthoff never received the funds and says Santos stopped responding … Read more

Virginia JV basketball coach pretends to be 13-year-old student

Adult sensibilities don’t belong in youth sports. Grown people take sports way too seriously. Countless times overzealous parents, coaches, and spectators have maintained the purity of amateur sports. An assistant coach on the staff of the junior varsity basketball team in Portsmouth, Virginia recently attempted to pull off a dumb 21 Jump Street con. The … Read more

George Santos Is Pausing His Committee Assignments to Spend More Time Curing Cancer

Since it first emerged last month that newly elected representative George Santos is a serial liar who fabricated large parts of his campaign biography—and that’s to say nothing of the lies he’s told to journalists, boyfriends, and roommates alike—the New York Republican has steadfastly refused to resign, effectively telling his legion of critics to f … Read more

George Santos, Who Falsely Claimed His Grandparents Fled Hitler, Reportedly Joked About Killing “Jews and Blacks”

One of George Santos‘s biggest and most offensive lies was the one he told, on multiple occasions, about having grandparents who’d had to run for their lives during the Holocaust. In 2021, the then candidate claimed in a campaign video that his “grandparents survived the Holocaust.” Several months later, he told the Jewish News Syndicate: … Read more

Is George Santos the End or the Beginning of a New GOP?

As the list of George Santos‘s falsehoods continues to unfurl at a clip, Republicans, Kevin McCarthy in particular, are twisting themselves into pretzels, having to both acknowledge the reality while clinging to their already slim majority. They are buoyed by the fact that the MAGA base long ago made peace with the idea that truth … Read more

Victoria’s Secret Models, a Flipped Table, an Allegedly Stolen Ikea Dresser: The George Santos Story Gets Even Weirder

Campaign-Money Questions Santos previously claimed that a $500,000 loan he made to his campaign had come from his personal funds, which raised a large number of questions given that it wasn’t clear how he would have had that kind of cash sitting around. (In fact, as thand New York Times reported last month, Santos was … Read more

An Assassination Attempt, a 5th Avenue Mugging, and 300 Drag Shows a Day: This George Santos Interview Has Everything

did George Santos coin the famous phrase about nothing in this world being certain “except death and taxes”? At the! Of course not! But at this point in the Santos saga, it would (1) be not at all surprising to learn he had told people he did and (2) be reasonable to amend the phrase … Read more

Nearly Half of New York Republican Voters Want George Santos to Resign

https://sputniknews.com/20230124/nearly-half-of-new-york-republican-voters-want-george-santos-to-resign-poll-finds-1106667526.html Nearly Half of New York Republican Voters Want George Santos to Resign, Poll Finds Nearly Half of New York Republican Voters Want George Santos to Resign, Poll Finds Almost half of registered Republicans in New York agree Rep. George Santos should resign amid a slew of controversies enveloping the politician, a recent Siena College … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon Each Have Their Own George Santos

Lastly, NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon welcomed Jon Lovitz. This is a bit of inspired casting, considering Lovitz used to do a whole character based on a pathological liar. (“Yeah, that’s the ticket” was, indeed, a bit of a catchphrase back in the day.) At first, the gags come off a little simple … Read more