If you want to drink or get laid at the World Cup, this is not your year

Don’t even think about having a good time, creep.photo: Getty Images Qatar has gone the way of Catholic parents before prom, enacting a ban on sex for the biggest party the city has ever thrown in the 2022 World Cup. If the lethal heat, deadlier working conditions, strict rules concerning alcohol, and summer-ruining schedule change … Read more

FIFA splits with EA Sports over money, to make rival soccer video game

EA’s beloved FIFA franchise is no more.photo: Getty Images Like people who are addicted to Coca-Cola products, gamers can spot a knockoff within the first three seconds of tasting one. Try giving a Coke lover a Pepsi, and they get offended. A waiter responding to a request for a Coke with, “We only have Pepsi. … Read more

Ukraine set to resume chase for World Cup spot, could play US in Group B

Players wearing Ukrainian flags embrace prior to the friendly match between KP Legia Warszawa and Dynamo Kyiv in Warsaw as part of the series “Match for Peace! Stop the War!”Image: Getty Images russia’s brutal war isn’t stopping the Ukraine national football team from returning to competition. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup starting in November, … Read more

Let’s breakdown the Qatar 2022 Group Stage

This is a dream group for USMNT.Image: Twitter/FIFA As the United States men’s national team backed into the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday night, Friday’s draw couldn’t have realistically worked out any better for them. Returning to the World Cup for the first team since 2014, the Yanks will see England, Iran — two teams … Read more

World Cup 2022: Ukraine football coach casts doubt over playoff against Scotland

CNN — Oleksandr Petrakov – the Ukrainian men’s national football team coach – has cast doubt over whether his side’s 2022 FIFA World Cup playoff qualifier against Scotland can go ahead in June. The game was initially scheduled to take place on March 24 in Glasgow, Scotland, but was postponed by FIFA to June following … Read more