Warriors fan tries to kiss Steph Curry at championship parade

Personal space!screenshot: TheMisterMann/Twitter Things got a little wild during Tuesday’s Golden State warriors championship parade ceremony. Any team that wins a championship can bet on fans losing their minds alongside the athletes who won the title on the court. One young lady decided to seize her opportunity upon meeting Stephen Curry face to face and … Read more

Study Shows Long COVID Affects Women More Than Men

April 25, 2022 The effects of long COVID can last a long time, especially for women, a new study says. Only 25.5% of the study participants who’d been hospitalized with long COVID reported a full recovery five months after discharge and only 28.9% reported a full recovery a year after discharge, according to the study … Read more

Chris Chiozza posts an address on Twitter after fan criticizes him

Chris Chiozza posted his address on Twitter.Image: AP Player fan relationships moved into an entirely new realm over a decade ago when social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter began to pop up. Not long after cam Instagram and later TikTok. These platforms have become staples in our lives, not just in the United … Read more