Ethiopia PM meets Tigray leaders for first time since peace deal | Abiy Ahmed News

Abiy Ahmed holds first face-to-face talks with Tigrayan leaders since a peace deal was agreed in November. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has held his first face-to-face talks on Friday with Tigrayan leaders since a peace deal was inked ending two years of war, officials and state media said. Abiy met senior leaders of the … Read more

Effort to eradicate Guinea worm disease enters ‘last mile’ | Health News

The final years of the eradication effort, led by the US’s Carter Center, will be the ‘most difficult’, expert says. Only 13 human cases of Guinea worm disease were reported worldwide last year, according to the Carter Center in the United States. After decades of progress, Adam Weiss, director of The Carter Center’s Guinea Worm … Read more

Ethiopia says talk of birr devaluation “completely unfounded” | Business and Economy News

Ethiopia operates a managed exchange rate for the birr, whose official value to the dollar is about half the black market rate. Speculation that the birr currency would be devalued is “completely unfounded”, Ethiopia’s junior finance minister says as the country seeks an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan after agreeing to a ceasefire in its … Read more

Ethiopia’s Tigrayan rebels start handing over heavy weapons | Conflict News

Tigrayan rebels have begun handing in their heavy weapons, a key part of an agreement signed more than two months ago to end a grueling conflict in northern Ethiopia, a spokesman for the rebel authorities said. The handover in the town of Agulae, about 30km (18 miles) northeast of the regional capital Mekelle, was overseen … Read more

Eritrean soldiers leaving parts of Ethiopia’s Tigray – witnesses | News

Eritrean withdrawals from two main towns in Tigray follow a truce signed by regional rebels and Ethiopia’s government. Eritrean soldiers, who fought in support of Ethiopia’s federal government during its two-year civil war in the northern Tigray region, are pulling out of two big towns and headed towards the border, witnesses and an Ethiopian official … Read more

Tears, prayers as flights resume to Ethiopia’s Tigray region | Conflict News

A shutdown of flights and communications for much of the two-year conflict kept many Tigrayans away from their families. Kahssay Hailu sobbed, smiled and said prayers as she stood outside Addis Ababa airport, preparing to board a plane home to Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region. She traveled to Addis Ababa in 2020 from Mekelle, Tigray’s capital, … Read more

Ethiopian Airlines to resume flights into Tigray region | Conflict News

The flights resume as Tigray is reconnected to the national power grid and telecoms services are being restored there. Ethiopian Airlines will resume flights to the capital of the war-torn northern region of Tigray starting on Wednesday, the first commercial flights to Tigray in about 18 months, the airline said in a statement. The announcement … Read more

Ethiopian federal government delegation heads to Tigray | Conflict News

The federal government and Tigrayan forces signed an agreement to permanently cease hostilities after two years of fighting that killed thousands and displaced millions. A delegation from the Ethiopian federal government is on its way to the northern region of Tigray to oversee the implementation of last month’s peace agreement, the government communication service has … Read more

Ethiopia’s biggest bank ‘resumes services’ in Tigray | Banks News

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia says it has reopened its branches in Shire, Alamata and Korem after more than a year of shutdown. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia said it has resumed financial services in some towns in the war-torn region of Tigray, enabling residents to access their funds after a shutdown lasting more than a … Read more

India: Why is Gautam Adani so interested in NDTV? | Media

From: The Listening Post A billionaire becomes the largest shareholder in a news channel in India – what’s the worry? Plus, an Italian news website is challenging much bigger media players. Gautam Adani – India’s richest man with close ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – is in the midst of a takeover of NDTV, … Read more