Jeremy Lin the subject of new documentary on his 15 minutes of fame

Jeremy Lin is the subject of a new HBO documentaryImage: Getty Images The NBA lockout season of 2011-12 was really 11 years ago. Remember the LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant flag football game and the barnstorming tour the NBA stars went on playing in various gyms around the country? (I’m still upset that I missed … Read more

Disgraced Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver is selling both teams

Robert Sarverphoto: Getty Images The NBA is better today than it was yesterday. I guess that’s something. Robert Sarver released a statement, in which he announced that he has begun the process of selling the Phoenix Suns and Mercury. A lengthy investigation was recently released and it laid out the many ways in which Sarver … Read more

NBA Preps-to-Pros Draft Era: Winners and losers

photo: AP On Monday evening, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who typically serves as the unofficial megaphone for NBA front office perspectives, splashed cold water on the possibilities of the draft eligibility being lowered to 18 by reporting that the one-and-done rule will be rolled back slowly so that teams who have hoarded future first-round picks under … Read more

Raiders’ Josh McDaniels shouldn’t be a head coach in the NFL

Give it up, Josh.Image: Getty Images The only thing worse than Josh McDaniels being a proven loser at the helm of a team is that he’s also a known cheater. The only thing worse than Josh McDaniels being a proven loser at the helm of a team is that he’s also a known cheater. Yet … Read more

LSU, Notre Dame, Florida State among Week 3’s unranked to watch

Image: Getty Images Notre Dame is unranked after entering the season with lofty expectations. The loss to Marshall was alarming, but the stat floating around about Marcus Freeman being the first Irish coach to start his career 0-3 is one of those oddities that the ESPN stats and research crew finds to make the 45th … Read more

College football leaning less on neutral-site games

photo: Getty Images In recent years, the NCAA has saved its best Week 1 college football matchups for neutral sites — mainly NFL stadiums. Last season began with a huge matchup between Georgia and Clemson at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, home of the Carolina Panthers. But the viewership paled in comparison to the … Read more

The Marty McFly Rankings Week 2: USC is back, baby!

1. USC Image: Getty Images After two games, the No. 7 Trojans are 8-0 in the turnover battle, which is great. It means Caleb Williams is under control of the offense, the skill players are valuing ball security, and the defense is forcing takeaways. USC played so well against Stanford on Saturday night that Kirk … Read more

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: We’re surrounded by idiots

illustration: Getty Images Here’s the current state of Nebraska football: Head coach Scott Frost, who was sanctioned and suspended for holding illegal practices stemming from the COVID season, recently bragged about practicing his players to the point of vomiting on some sort of macho “We’re the best -conditioned football team” shit right before succumbing late … Read more

Serena Williams advances at U.S. Open

Serena Williams knocks off the No. 2 seed to stave off retirementphoto: Getty Images It is obviously going to take a brave woman to stare down Serena Williams at Ashe Stadium, where 24,000 (minus the handful they have in their player’s box) will be backing the legend to keep her career alive for just a … Read more

Bills punter Matt Araiza has been accused in civil suit of raping a minor while at San Diego State

Matt Arazia, aka The Punt God, has been accused of rap while in college.Image: Getty Images Matt Araiza, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and is commonly known as The Punt God, has been charged in a lawsuit of gang raping a minor along with two other San Diego State teammates. The Bills were … Read more