The USMNT have a Weston McKennie problem

Weston McKenniephoto: Getty Images One of the many complications of a winter World Cup, though far down the list, is the death of the pre-tournament friendly. Normally, teams get together for a couple weeks after the domestic season and then get two or three ramp-ups before the tourney starts to establish rapport, try some new … Read more

Amazon’s first Thursday Night game was just fine

Rog and his billionaire buddy Bezos take in the gameillustration: Amazon Video Screenshot It’s not much of a leap now that a sports broadcast is completely on streaming. The NFL was the last to jump the River Styx (though I guess no one really jumps The Styx), though plenty of people have been watching Monday … Read more

Serena Williams hints she might not be done with tennis

Don’t pull a Tom Brady, we’re begging you!Image: Getty Images We never get to say goodbye anymore. We’re not even a week out from the US Open, or two weeks out from what was a pretty signature last match for Serena Williams. Oh sure, it was the third round, and we don’t identify Serena with … Read more

MLB’s rule changes more aesthetic than anything

MLB’s new rule are trying to recapture a kind of baseball that will never exist against, due in part to bigger, stronger, faster players like Yankee’s Aaron Judge.Image: Getty Images I don’t envy the task that MLB has. I also don’t trust that anyone in charge of it has any sense of the challenge, but … Read more

Doug Gottlieb apologizes to agent Casey Close for reckless accusation

Smile if you’re a schmuckphoto: Getty Images As sports media returns into the same kind of morass that the rest of the media is, and society probably (happy to do my part!), you can kind of split the main outlets into two main categories. There are those who are simply around to belch out something … Read more

There’s been an overcorrection on the Eagles

Slow your roll on the championship talk, Philadelphia.Image: Getty Images It’s impossible to walk by a game of oversized Jenga at the bar and not look at the teetering stack of blocks. There’s something about how it sways before inevitably crashing down into wreckage that’s enthralling. It’s how I feel when I look at the … Read more

Stephen A. Smith contemplates presidential run

Stephen A. Smith’s presidential aspirations are as sign as some of his takes. photo: Getty Images Stephen A. Smith has lost his damn mind. For some reason, the ESPN talent thinks he might have what it takes to be the leader of the free world, as he recently addressed the possibility of attempting to inhabit … Read more

Matt Araiza’s parents depict son, accused of sexual assault, as victim in statement

Matt Araizaphoto: Getty Images I rarely think about the parents when a player gets drafted or signed. We always see the tear-filled interviews, or the wild cheering after a first hit, and I genuinely believe that almost all parents are just genuinely filled with pride and joy and happiness when their children reach sport’s biggest … Read more

Tampa’s Drew Rasmussen throws eight perfect innings

Drew Rasmussen tossed 8 perfect innings against the Orioles in Tampa Sunday night.Image: Getty Images I spend a lot of time, admittedly too much time, writing about everything that’s wrong with baseball. I get crankier and more cynical the more my knees hurt. But yesterday was a reminder of one of the things that makes … Read more

Hologram Harry Caray part of MLB’s Field of Dreams game

What’s your favorite planet? Mine’s the sun!screenshot: Fox Sports (YouTube) Overall, the Field of Dreams game is fine. Perhaps teams should be “flexed” into it during the season, so you don’t end up with two Quad-A rosters in the one regular season game MLB gives the network primetime treatment. Though if you’re trying to showcase … Read more