“Three Months Ago, I May Not Have Made It”: Democrats’ Senate Hopes in Pennsylvania Rest on John Fetterman’s Comeback

AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blared in the auditorium, as Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, the 52-year-old Democratic Senate nominated in Pennsylvania––wearing a baggy black sweatshirt––walked on stage with his wife Gisele. It was a crowd of roughly 1,355 supporters, per his campaign’s count, at the Bayshore Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania, cheering loudly and enthusiastically, perhaps … Read more

US Senate adopts sweeping climate and health plan, in major victory for Biden

WASHINGTON: After 18 months of arduous negotiations and a marathon night of debate, the US Senate on Sunday passed Joe Biden’s climate, tax and health care plan — a significant victory for the president ahead of crucial midterm aspirational elections. Voting as a unified bloc and with the tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Kamala … Read more

Democrats Are Starting to See a Path to Victory in November

What’s this? A Democratic political winning streak? First came the riveting January 6 hearings, with more promised in the fall. Followed by a sweeping, surprising—if tentative—Senate deal on climate change, taxes, and health care. Then the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, a leader of al-Qaida and a key plotter of the September 11 attacks. And on … Read more

“We Always Bring a Butter Knife to a Gunfight”: How Democrats Failed to Respond to the Supreme Court, and What They Need to Do Now

The outpouring of anger at the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on abortion, guns, climate, and Miranda rights has been stoked by a sense of frustration and helplessness that the Court has become a powerful body devoid of any political accountability. Brian Fallon is aggressively trying to make the judicial system more answerable to most opinion, … Read more