NFL News Roundup: Arch Manning chooses Texas, DeAndre Hopkins to fight suspension and more

Not a day goes by in the NFL where news isn’t floating around. Somewhere, something is always happening. Teams are currently gearing up for training camp as they look to get into the swing of things before the regular season commences. Players are fighting for jobs, while others are looking to get into the best … Read more

5 NFL players who were suspended for using PEDs

The NFL is always on guard for players trying to be sneaky and get that little extra advantage over the competition. Performance enhancing drugs is a no go for just about every sporting organization on the planet. Despite players knowing the risks of taking it as suspensions and fines follow if caught, some still do … Read more

Pro Football Focus’ head coach ranking is laughable

Mike Tomlin and Sean McVay don’t make PFF’s list of top 10 coaches.Image: Getty Images Let me give a disclaimer, so this doesn’t come off as a complete trashing of the analytics community. Yes, advanced stats and analytics have a place in the game of football and sports in general. But they are not…I repeat, … Read more

Arizona Cardinals are going to implode on HBO in real time

Image: Getty Images HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” covering the preseason and training camps, can step aside HBO’s premier network docuseries. “Hard Knocks In Season” is where the true drama lies. In training camp, everyone is upbeat and pollyannaish. Emotions are more volatile during the season when expectations ram into reality, and reality smacks with a concussive … Read more

DeAndre Hopkins suspension shows fans only care about MLB juicing scandals

Why does PED use in the NFL only cause fans to shrug?Image: Getty Images The news that yet another NFL player was both popped and suspended for using banned performance enhancing drugs wasn’t a shock. After all, 13 players were busted for the stuff last season alone. And this time, it was one of the … Read more

NFL analyst suggests DeAndre Hopkins missing six games could get Kyler Murray contract extension

The Arizona Cardinals will be without their DeAndre Hopkins for the first six games of the 2022 season. Hopkins was busted for taking Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and was handed a suspension from the league on Monday. While Kyler Murray’s relationship with the team is uneasy, the loss of Hopkins is massive. However, NFL analyst … Read more

DeAndre Hopkins suspended for performance enhancing drugs

Arizona WR DeAndre Hopkins has been suspended for six games for violation of the NFL’s PED policy.Image: Getty Images Just as the future was beginning to look bright for the Arizona Cardinals, it has been looking rough since Week 14. They led not only the NFC West, but the entire conference for much of the … Read more

Wide receivers are flying off draft boards and to new teams

Goodell announces multiple deals tonight.illustration: Getty Images There is a storm coming and Day 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft is just a fraction of what is to come. Tonight showed that the wide receiver market has become so inflated that teams would rather take a risk on young, unproven rookies than proven Pro Bowl-caliber … Read more