More ‘Harry Potter’ May Only Happen If J.K. Rowling Is Involved

How does the Harry Potter franchise solve a problem like J.K. Rowling? After the authors’ perceived transphobic remarks, which have continued 2020, series fans and their own stars have grappled with the art, while perhaps not endorsing its creator. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who … Read more

High Anxiety in Hollywood: “Everyone Is Totally Drained and Burnt Out.”

When WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar announced in April that he would leave the company after its merger with Discovery was completed, he promised to gift staffers with photos he’d taken during his frequent walks around the Warner Bros. Studios lot. At the time, the workforce that Kilar had led through the pandemic was largely optimistic … Read more

Leslie Grace Leaks a Tiny Bit of ‘Batgirl’ to TikTok

Fifteen seconds via TikTok is all we’re likely to get for now of the controversially ash-canned feature film batgirl. Leslie Grace, the star of the movie that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav dumped in early August in an effort, as he put it, “to protect the DC brand,” uploaded a short montage of behind-the-scenes … Read more

“I Really Hope That We Don’t Both-Sides Democracy”: Where Is CNN Headed?

On Friday morning, John Harwood, a veteran White House correspondent who spent decades reporting for top outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNBC before joining CNN at the beginning of 2020, told viewers that President Joe Biden was right to call out the MAGA-fied Republican Party’s threat to democracy—and explained … Read more

“It’s Not Partisan to Stand Up to Demagogues”: Brian Stelter’s Sign Off Hints at CNN’s Uncertain Future

Outgoing CNN anchor Brian Stelter began the final episode of his Sunday show, Reliable Sources, by suggesting the gloves were off. “No one from CNN management has reviewed my script ahead of time. They have no idea what I’m gonna say,” he said at the top of the episode, a swan song that Stelter had … Read more

Brian Stelter Canceled At CNN: What Does It Mean for the Network?

what to make of Brian Stelter‘s sudden departure from CNN after almost a decade with the network? As one well-placed source suggested to me when the news began leaking out on Thursday afternoon, “John Malone, John Malone, John Malone.” That would be the billionaire media mogul and Warner Bros. Discovery shareholder who is a close … Read more

HBO Is the “Centerpiece” of Plan to Combine Streaming Services at Warner Bros. Discovery

After a day of handwringing about the future of HBO Max, spurred by the removal of some original titles from the streamer’s library, Warner Bros. Discovery executives said that the service remains the central part of its business. “Our strategy is to embrace and support and drive the incredible success that HBO Max is having,” … Read more

‘Batgirl’ Is Dead at Warner Bros. Because of Its $90 Million Price Tag

batgirl, a DC superhero origin story that was nearly completed and slated for release this year, will no longer be flying toward theaters or HBO Max. As first reported by the New York Post on Tuesday, Warner Bros. has scrapped plans to release the film, which stars In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace in the title … Read more

Why Are HBO Max Original Movies Disappearing From the Streaming Platform?

When David Zaslav unveiled his $43 million plan to merge Discovery with WarnerMedia, he promised to find $3 billion in annual cost savings. Now, after searching under couch cushions at the newly combined Warner Bros. Discovery, it appears to have found some spare change at HBO Max. The streaming service has removed a handful of … Read more