Actually, Dave Chappelle Won’t Have a High School Theater Named After Him

There will no longer be a theater named after Dave Chappelle to his alma mater. On Monday night, Chappelle declined to put his name on a student theater at Duke Ellington School of the Arts due to controversy surrounding his jokes about the LGBTQ community in his Netflix special The Closer. per The Washington Post, … Read more

The Difference Between Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais

On Tuesday, Netflix released a new comedy special from Ricky Gervais, SuperNature. And like clockwork, hours later, headlines about Gervais’s transphobic material began to pour in. “The old-fashioned women—oh, God. You know, the ones with wombs? Those fucking dinosaurs,” chirps ela Gervais not five minutes into SuperNature. “I love the new women. They’re great. The … Read more

Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl Show Will Not Stream On Netflix

Despite providing the most shocking moment of the Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival, Dave Chappelle‘s Hollywood Bowl show will not stream on Netflix. Netflix has announced which content from its inaugural comedy festival will appear on the streaming platform, and Chappelle’s now-infamous Tuesday night show—where he was assaulted on stage shortly after his set—did … Read more

Dave Chappelle Reveals New Details About His Attack in Secret Comedy Show

Two nights after he was tackled by a man with a knife attached to a fake gun following his Netflix Is a Joke set, Dave Chappelle got back on the proverbial horse and spoke about the incident in a secret stand-up set at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Reporter writes. On Thursday, … Read more