Warriors fan tries to kiss Steph Curry at championship parade

Personal space!screenshot: TheMisterMann/Twitter Things got a little wild during Tuesday’s Golden State warriors championship parade ceremony. Any team that wins a championship can bet on fans losing their minds alongside the athletes who won the title on the court. One young lady decided to seize her opportunity upon meeting Stephen Curry face to face and … Read more

Celtics’ Jayson Tatum is not a superstar (yet

Is Jayson Tatum in the rarefied air of NBA superstardom?Image: Getty Images More than in previous seasons, these playoffs exposed frauds masquerading the superstars. The list is long — Donovan Mitchell, Zach LaVine, Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker. You can add Jayson Tatum to that list. After putting on a blitzkrieg throughout the Eastern … Read more

Steph Curry and Steven Stamkos are having an Old Guy Summer

Steph Curry (l.) and Steven Stamkosillustration: Getty Images Well, spring. But whatever. As the NBA Finals move into their business end, and the Stanley Cup Final gets ready to kick off tomorrow, both of the conversations around them center around two players who were thought to be past it and yet are the main reason … Read more

The Golden State Warriors’ wild ride

Are the Warriors the good guys again?Image: Getty Images It feels like yesterday that everyone hated the Golden State Warriors, save for those living in Oakland. It was one of the few things NBA fans agreed on in unison. When the Warriors signed Kevin Durant in 2016, he temporarily broke the NBA. The Warriors had … Read more