Coronavirus: Covid wave may last for three months, China CDC veteran warns

BEIJING: China’s Covid outbreak could continue for another two to three months as there are parts of the vast country yet to be hit, according to the former chief scientist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Speaking at a recent seminar in China, zeng guang said that parts of the country are approaching … Read more

Coronavirus: China stops reporting Covid tally as data criticism intensifies

BEIJING: China hasn’t updated its daily Covid reports for three days, adding to global concerns that the information vacuum is masking the true impact of the world’s biggest outbreak.The last time the country published its daily Covid situation update, including cases — though they’d already been rendered meaningless by the roll back of frequent testing … Read more

Coronavirus in China: Covid hits Shanghai with crowded hospitals, empty streets | World News

SHANGHAI: Months after Shanghai endured a brutal lockdown to stop the spread of Covid, the virus is starting to make its way virtually unchecked through the megacity’s 25 million-strong population.Hospitals are struggling to cope with the number of infected patients, pharmacies are turning customers away empty-handed, businesses are shutting because staff are off sick, most … Read more

China’s Covid death toll could near 1 million, study shows

HONG KONG: Almost 1 million people in China may die from Covid-19 as the government rapidly abandons pandemic curbs, according to a new study by researchers in Hong Kong. In the absence of a mass vaccination booster campaign and other measures to reduce the impact of the virus, some 684 people per million would die … Read more

Hi-tech tools, online monitoring, mass arrests: How a well-prepared China quashes dissent

NEW DELHI: When it comes to silencing dissent, the Chinese police have all the tools required in their arsenal. From using facial recognition software to pulling out location data to track down and detain protesters, the police are working 24×7 to ensure the security of their regime. In fact, the government has been preparing for … Read more

China police out in force to prevent more Covid protests

BEIJING: Chinese police were out in force in Beijing and Shanghai on Tuesday to prevent more protests against Covid curbs which have disrupted the lives of millions, damaged the economy and briefly sparked rare calls for President Xi Jinping to step down. At least one person in the city of Hangzhou was arrested late on … Read more

Panic buying in Beijing as Covid surge spurs creeping restrictions

BEIJING: Supermarket delivery apps in Beijing are being overwhelmed as the city’s rising Covid caseload triggers lockdown-like restrictions in swathes of the Chinese capital. Beijing saw 1,854 new infections Thursday, up from 1,611 on Wednesday, as China’s widest outbreak reaches record levels. Delivery apps like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s Freshippo — known as Hema in … Read more

China locks down ‘iPhone city’ as Covid cases rise

BEIJING: Zhengzhouhome to Apple Inc’s largest iPhone manufacturing site, will be largely locked down for five days as officials in the Chinese city resort to tighter curbs to quell a swelling Covid-19 outbreak. Mobility controls — a euphemism for lockdown — will be imposed in the main urban areas of Zhengzhou from Friday through November … Read more

‘Sick of everything’: Beijingers fed up with tightening restrictions

BEIJING: Schools and businesses closed, restaurants empty, and the fear of being locked down at any moment – the Chinese capital is a cauldron of dread and fatigue as Covid curbs tighten nearly three years into the pandemic. As infections in Beijing arise, residents are increasingly fed up with navigating vague, shifting restrictions and exhausted … Read more

China blocks viral WeChat post criticizing tough Covid policies

BEIJING: A social media post that questioned China’s Covid policies was removed and the author blocked after it went viral on the country’s wechat platform Tuesday — speaking to growing public concerns about Beijing’s stance, and the continuing sensitivities over criticism of its outlier approach. The post was removed after it garnered 100,000 hits, the … Read more