Hong Kong speech therapists sentenced to 19 months for books

HONG KONG: A Hong Kong court sentenced five speech therapists to nearly two years in prison Saturday for their role in the publication of children’s books deemed seditious. The penalties are the latest sign of China’s hard line against free speech and any sign of political opposition in the city following the 2019 antigovernment protests. … Read more

China locks down 65 million, discourages holiday travel

BEIJING: China has locked down 65 million of its citizens under tough Covid-19 restrictions and is discouraging domestic travel during upcoming national holidays. Across the country, 33 cities including seven provincial capitals are under full or partial lockdown covering more than 65 million people, according to a tally published late Sunday by the Chinese business … Read more

US slams China on human rights violations in Xinjiang, vows to hold Beijing accountable

WASHINGTON: Slamming China for its continued violation of human rights of minority communities in XinjiangTibet and elsewhere in the country, the US has vowed to work closely with its partners and the international community to hold Beijing accountable for its abhorrent actions against its own people. Welcoming the damning UN High Commissioner for Human Rights … Read more

Hong Kong political activists plead guilty amid crackdown

HONG KONG: Authorities in Chinese-controlled Hong Kong say 29 out of 47 pro-democracy activists charged with “conspiracy to commit subversion” under a tough National Security Law entered guilty pleas on Thursday, as the Beijing government seeks to further silence opposition voices in the regional financial hub. Thursday’s court proceedings came amid a sweeping campaign against … Read more

Xi Jinping reemerges in sign China’s secretive summer retreat is over

BEIJING: China’s President Xi Jinping has made his first public appearance in two weeks, in a sign that the Communist Party’s annual secretive summer retreat on the Yellow Sea has ended. Xi reemerged in Jinzhou City, Liaoning province, on Tuesday, where he urged officials in the northeastern region to speed up industrial restructuring and visited … Read more

Taiwan cancels flights as China holds military drills

BEIJING: Taiwan canceled airline flights Thursday as the chinese navy fired artillery near the island in retaliation for a top American lawmaker’s visit, but the impact on shipments of processor chips and other goods needed by global industries was unclear. China ordered ships and planes to avoid the military drills that encircled the self-ruled island, … Read more

Why US House Speaker’s Taiwan visit has riled China

The Taiwan dispute has roots in the early decades of the 20th century. After the collapse of the Qing dynasty and the revolution that made China a republic in 1911, there was a bitter power struggle between the nationalist Kuomintang under Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese Communist Party. In 1927, after a massacre in Shanghai, … Read more

China’s Shenzhen vows to ‘mobilise all resources’ to curb Covid spread

SHENZHEN, China: China’s southern megacity of shenzhen vowed to “mobilise all resources” to curb a slowly spreading Covid-19 outbreak, ordering strict implementation of testing and temperature checks, and lockdowns for Covid-affected buildings. Shenzhen, with a population of nearly 18 million, reported 22 new locally cases for Wednesday, with the daily count creeping up from single … Read more

IS ex-bastion in Syria hosts Jackie Chan film shoot

HAJAR AL ASWAD, Syria: A ghost town since a 2018 operation to flush out jihadists, Hajar al-Aswad near the Syrian capital has come back to life as the location of a Jackie Chan-produced action movie. “Home Operation” is inspired by China’s 2015 evacuation of Chinese and other foreign citizens from the war in Yemen, an … Read more

Xi visits Xinjiang for 1st time since crackdown

BEIJING : China’s leader, Xi Jinping, made his first visit to the western region of Xinjiang since he unleashed a campaign of mass detentions of Uighurs there. His trip amounted to a proclamation of success in his yearslong effort to quell ethnic resistance, despite international condemnation. Xi’s four-day visit that ended Friday focused on projecting … Read more