New Orleans Pelicans Summer League 2022 roster, dates and complete schedule

The New Orleans Pelicans had quite a dramatic end to their 2021-22 campaign, having made the playoffs via the play-in tournament. The Pelicans won 36 of their 83 regular-season games, finishing ninth as the season wrapped up. They went on to beat the San Antonio Spurs and the LA Clippers in back-to-back games to earn … Read more

Blazers go all in, acquire Jerami Grant

Jerami Grantphoto: Getty Images What the hell is going on? Typically this early on before the draft, the trades are evenly balanced. First, the Thunder trades the 30th pick in this year’s draft plus two future second-round picks for JaMychal Green and what will end up being a top-five protected pick after the protections become … Read more

The most exhausted pro athletes are…

photo: Getty Images The funny thing about sportswriters complaining about how a professional season is too long is if you ask a person if they’re overworked, how many are going to say no? Any amount of work is too much. Interview me after a long shift or following a session with a therapist, and I’m … Read more

Draymond Green doesn’t address benching in podcast

Draymond Green had just 2 points in Friday’s 107-97 win.Image: Getty Images As more avenues open to give broadcast coverage to the NBA, more veteran players try their hands at the art of speaking constructively about basketball, as opposed to playing it and spewing whatever they want in postgame interviews. JJ Redick is a budding … Read more

The Trail Blazers offseason is a high-wire balancing act

illustration: shutterstock This is the most important summer of Damian Lillard’s reign in Portland. For the past decade, the Portland Trail Blazers have been the Warriors’ little brother. Think Seth Curry and Steph Curry, but in franchise terms. The comps between Damian Lillard and Steph Curry stir up the most fervent debates, but Portland has … Read more

Who’s going to win (lose?) the Rudy Gobert trade extravaganza?

Rudy GobertImage: Getty Images Rudy Gobert is this offseason’s CJ McCollum in that every GM is going to call about the star player and get counteroffered wit the secondary player. Yes, we know you called about Donovan, but for the low price of a couple draft picks and a salary dump, you can have Rudy … Read more

The Sacramento Kings move up to No. 4 pick in NBA Draft

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé and company will have another shot at passing over a superior player for a lesser one.Image: Getty Images The Sacramento Kings received another undeserved lifeline during Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery in the form of a three-pick bounce from their projected slot at 7th to the 4th overall pick. Cue … Read more

The good, the bad, and the unknown in athlete investments

illustration: Getty/Shutterstock (Getty Images) Whenever I hear about crypto crashing, I think of the simpsons episode where the tech bubble bursts and a young startup nerd gives Lisa company stock from a spool of toilet paper. (The joke was tech stocks were so abundant and worthless that their only concrete value was using them to … Read more

Pelicans’ David Griffin is Executive of the Year

Pelicans’ VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin.Image: Getty Images Before Feb. 8, New Orleans Pelicans executive Vice President of Bcookball Operations David Griffin was getting dragged for the team’s sorry state he oversaw. The Pelicans were 21 and 32, headed toward another disastrous season until that point. At the same time, Zion Williamson avoided the … Read more

Atlanta needs a No. 1 option to go alongside Trae Young

It’s easy to rip on Trae Young for the series he had against Miami, but he needs help.Image: Getty Images You can blame Trae Young for a lot of Atlanta’s first-round exit to Miami. He was 22-for-69 from the floor, shot 17 percent from 3, and had as many turnovers (31) as he did assists … Read more