Here are the bad beats from last night’s Steelers-Browns game

This play wasn’t what you wanted if you bet the underImage: Getty Images Sports betting is a cruel, fickle mistress. One day, you’re elated after hitting a two-game parlay, the next you lose all your money plus your dog and your firstborn. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that either goes off the rails or ends in … Read more

Washington Commanders need to fire defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio

Time to go.Image: Getty Images Jackass, I mean Jack Del Rio’s latest bout of idiocy was provoked by actually coaching football. That’s instead of shooting his mouth off about minimizing an insurrection. The Commanders’ defensive coordinator was brought to Washington by defense-minded head coach Ron Rivera to help sculpt and better the young defensive gems … Read more

New England Patriots beat Steelers in Pittsburgh

QBs Mac Jones and Mitch Trubisky share a moment after Pats’ win.Image: Getty Images In the oppressive South Florida humidity, the New England Patriots’ Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins was excusable — even more so after the Dolphins’ second-half comeback on the road against the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. While the loss should’ve been … Read more

Mitch Trubisky has one more chance with Pittsburgh Steelers

Will Mitch Trubisky stick in Pittsburgh?Image: Getty Images Mitch Trubisky is getting another shot in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Not a bad feel-good story for Week 1. It’s hard to be the first quarterback taken at No. 2 in a draft in which Patrick Mahomes was selected eight picks later, especially being that … Read more

Bears’ Justin Fields is in a happy place

Justin Fields apparently feels better about his offensive line than Bears fans do.Image: Getty Images The Chicago Bears’ offense. Those words could be presented to children to teach them the meaning of the word oxymoron. Sure the Bears play in an unpredictable climate. Near the end of September summer breaks and anything could happen, which … Read more