Rafael Leão is carrying AC Milan, and should punt Cristiano Ronaldo off of Portugal

Rafael Leão standing out.Image: Getty Images In a lot of ways, AC Milan mirrors Serie A overall. They’re incredibly fun, and were able to take advantage of Juventus’s slide into the abyss and a blip from Inter to win the Scudetto last year. But how good they actually are, much like the league as a … Read more

Manchester City’s Erling Haaland scores hat trick against Man United

Erling Haalandphoto: Getty Images Unless you’re decked out in blue, there has been an overwhelming sense of unfairness in the English Premier League this season. We already had the richest club in the world, with the best manager, the best squad, probably the best passer in the world, and we’ll just add the best finisher … Read more

What if USMNT’s Christian Pulisic isn’t that good anymore?

Let’s see how he performs at the World CupImage: Getty Images Also, he might be kind of a prick, but we’ll circle back to that. There isn’t much to feel good about after the USMNT’s last two friends before the World Cup. They didn’t score a goal. They didn’t look all that interested for three … Read more

Fans don’t care about MLB’s expanded playoffs, it seems

photo: Getty Images The concepts of “parity” and “fairness” in sports were exposed as fig leaves long ago. The idea that fans would care more, ie buy more tickets and watch more games on TV, if more teams had a chance at playoff berths and championships was never as important to owners. What was important … Read more

Juventus is pretty garbage and it’s pretty wonderful

Massimiliano AllegriImage: Getty Images While one traditional power of European soccer might only be in a temporary blip, there’s another that has fallen off their horse and then had that horse piss on them. Bayern Munich will most likely recover. Juventus, on the other hand, might be headed to the muck for a while. Juve … Read more

Bayern Munich running away with Bundesliga

Munich’s Sadio Mané gestures during the Bundesliga match between FC Augsburg and FC Bayern München at WWK-Arena on September 17, 2022 in Augsburg, Germany. Image: Getty Images On the opening day of the Bundesliga season, when Bayern Munich were getting in up to the elbow on Eintracht Frankfurt, just the defending Europa League champions, the … Read more

NFL, German Bundesliga announce partnership between the leagues

Image: shutterstock The partnership between the NFL and the German Bundesliga, the top tier of the country’s professional soccer scene, is an interesting pair on its own. They both dominate their domestic markets. Dirk Nowitzki and Leon Draisaitl have come from Deutschland to dominate in North America. Steve Cherundolo and Frankie Hejduk were two of … Read more

CBS hires Ray Hudson to call soccer

Ray HudsonImage: Getty Images CBS has mostly been a gift to soccer fans. Unlike Turner when it bought the Champions League rights, forgot it started about it until the day before the tournament, and then dusted off some closet and called whatever former USMNT members were within an hour’s flight of the studio, CBS has … Read more

Barcelona’s wackiness just might work

Cadiz’s Alex Fernandez and Barca’s Frenkie in jong during the There turns on Santander match between cadiz FC v FC barcelona at the new Mirandilla in Cádiz.Image: Getty Images This is where you’d stick the video of Jesse Pinkman screaming, “He can’t keep getting away with it!” that depends on how you’d define “getting away” … Read more

Chelsea fires manager Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel got the axephoto: Getty Images If Todd Boehly’s aim was to connect himself to the Chelsea tradition, even if those traditions are only 20 years old or so, he certainly took a huge step by canning Thomas Tuchel as manager today. No manager lasts at Chelsea for very long, no matter how much … Read more