Rihanna signs on for Super Bowl as NFL gets worse

“And now, for your halftime entertainment…”Image: Getty Images Let’s just get right to it. This Rihanna situation feels…uncomfortable. Words like “odd,” “unexpected,” and “wrong” could also be used to describe how most of us are feeling about her decision to perform during halftime at Super Bowl LVII. Just a few years ago, Rihanna was one … Read more

Nathaniel Hackett, Josh McDaniels helping Brian Flores’ case

Eesch!Image: Getty Images If Brian Flores, Duce Staley, Eric Bienemy and Byron Leftwich were all in a group chat, I’d pay good money to read the things they’d probably say about how horrific Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel hackett and Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels have been this season. When the Pittsburgh Steelers … Read more

Maybe it’s best that Sean Payton didn’t get the Dolphins job

Sean Payton (r.)photo: Getty Images I guess it’s safe to say that if Sean Payton was the coach of the Miami Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa would have little to possibly no room for error as a starter. That’s what I gather after hearing Payton’s appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Monday, where he went … Read more

2022 NFL lead broadcasting booths feature 8 white guys, Romo, and an ‘Italian’

Joe Buck (l.) and Troy Aikmanphoto: AP If Brian Flores can sue the NFL for its racist hiring practices when it comes to selecting coaches, then Gus Johnson should be allowed to sue television networks for whitewashing the NFL broadcasting booth. With preseason games and Week 1 officially in the NFL’s rearview mirror, fans have … Read more

Seems as if Brian Flores’s lawsuit against the NFL has been forgotten

Brian Flores ended up with a coordinator gig instead of another HC jobphoto: Getty Images Thirty-two teams. Sixteen games. Three African-American head coaches. Those stats have been tattooed in the NFL’s Week 1 box score for months. Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, and Todd Bowles are the lone Black coaches in the NFL this season due … Read more

The NFL’s old race-norming ways are about to get costly

Cameron Dantzler of the Minnesota Vikings is taken off the field after an apparent head injury last season.photo: Getty Images The NFL has to cut checks to hundreds of former Black players and there’s nothing they can do about it. Through a vile and hateful practice called “race-norming” — which assumed that Black players and … Read more

Cardinals WR Marquise Hollywood Brown arrested for speeding

Marquise Brownphoto: AP The Arizona Cardinals will be without star wideout DeAndre Hopkins for the first six games of the 2022 season as he serves a suspension for a positive PED test. They will be without their leading receiver from 2021 as Christian Kirk opted to join the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency. They knew … Read more

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gets slap on the wrist from NFL

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gets off easy.Image: Getty Images Another day, another embarrassment for the NFL. Monday saw battled Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson get six games for violating the league’s personal conduct policies, leading to missing roughly one quarter of playing time per woman accusing him of sexual misconduct. Tuesday came the league’s ruling … Read more

NFL staffers still using coded language around Black quarterbacks

Kyler Murray (l.), Lamar Jackson (c.) and Patrick MahomesImage: Getty Images During the spring of 2019, New York Giants’ former general manager Dave Gettleman made a declaration during the pre-draft process after falling in love with a certain prospect. “After the three series I watched, I saw a professional quarterback. So that’s when I was … Read more

Raiders hire NFL’s first black female team president

Sandra Douglass Morgan was hired by Mark Davis and becomes football’s first Black female president.Image: Getty Images The Las Vegas Raiders are making NFL history again in the front office by hiring Sandra Douglass Morgan as the first Black female team president. The Raiders were also the first team to have a female CEO in … Read more