Raiders’ Josh McDaniels shouldn’t be a head coach in the NFL

Give it up, Josh.Image: Getty Images The only thing worse than Josh McDaniels being a proven loser at the helm of a team is that he’s also a known cheater. The only thing worse than Josh McDaniels being a proven loser at the helm of a team is that he’s also a known cheater. Yet … Read more

Maybe it’s best that Sean Payton didn’t get the Dolphins job

Sean Payton (r.)photo: Getty Images I guess it’s safe to say that if Sean Payton was the coach of the Miami Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa would have little to possibly no room for error as a starter. That’s what I gather after hearing Payton’s appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Monday, where he went … Read more

The NFL’s 5 most intriguing Week 1 storylines

photo: Getty Images There are bound to be hard feelings whenever a player is traded away from a team they had great success with. During Tireek Hill’s six years in Kansas City, he went from return specialist/slot receiver to one of the best pass catchers in the league. Then he was traded to Miami during … Read more

Baker Mayfield named the Carolina Panthers’ starter

Guess who’s starting Week One?Image: Getty Images North Carolina, get ready for commercials for the new Baker Box at Bojangles, because the Carolina Panthers have named a Week 1 starter. The team traded for Baker Mayfield in July, and have announced that he is their QB1. Even though Mayfield struggled for the Cleveland Browns last … Read more

Hope your Friday night was better than Zach Wilson’s

Zach Wilson was injured during the Jets preseason gamephoto: AP Zach Wilson may have avoided serious disaster after leaving Friday’s preseason game with a pronounced limp from a non-contact injury. Head coach Robert Saleh said the franchise’s young quarterback will undergo an MRI today, but sources are saying he reinjured his PCL and could miss … Read more

Former Patriots lineman crashed car to avoid Belichick’s wrath

Rich Ohrnbergerphoto: AP In the barren wasteland that is sports in August, there are only baseball and speculative NFL stories to write about. And since we just wrote about Aaron Judge and he didn’t hit a dinger Friday night, we’ve got football chatter for you. Today’s anecdote comes from former New England Patriot offensive lineman … Read more

A Daniel Jones breakout year looks more like Titans’ Tannehill than Bills’ Josh Allen

Danny Dimes is a few bucks short of Josh Allen.Image: AP I love when coaches get credit for a quarterback’s success. Great coaches can make good QBs look great and make great QBs look all-time. However, when all they have in the kitchen is hot dogs and Hormel chili, the best outcome is a chili … Read more

The sports figures we’ve lost in 2022

Image: Getty Images Dan Reeves died on January 1 at the age of 77, which means that his long overdue addition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, whenever it eventually comes, will be posthumous. That Reeves wasn’t honored while he was alive is astounding. He ranks 10th on the all-time NFL coaching wins list … Read more

NFL training camps are open and the leadership porn is sizzling

Enough with the “leadership” talk already.Image: Getty Images One of the most annoying things in life is when a person thinks a job title denotes leadership. Whether it’s newly-promoted assistant manager Greg trying to rally the staff during the lunch rush at Jimmy John’s, a CEO expecting underlings to laugh at all his jokes, or … Read more

QB Tiers List not kind to black QBs

Lamar Jacksonphoto: Getty Images Top 10 NFL lists are typically there to incite a reaction. But Mike Sando’s 2022 QB Tiers List thwacks you upside the head over and over. The exclusion of Lamar Jackson from quarterback top 10 lists this offseason is standard operating protocol, but the disdain for the league’s top black quarterbacks … Read more