“I feel like it’s Philly on steroids kind of”- Ben Simmons considers Brooklyn Nets a perfect fit for his capabilities, says Nets are similar to his former team but more talented and skilled

Ben Simmons hasn’t suited up yet for the Brooklyn Nets, but many are excited about what could be. The All-Star guard believes he fits well with the team, citing similarities with his former team. Simmons was having an outstanding run with the Philadelphia 76ers, and many thought his partnership with Joel Embiid would yield a … Read more

Ben Simmons tells J.J. Redick he’s ‘part of Philly still’

Ben Simmonsscreenshot: JJ Redick/YouTube Even though the NBA season is about a month away, it still feels excessive to write about Ben Simmons. He never plays basketball outside of (I’m assuming) heavily edited Instagram videos, and yet he’s still in the public discussion. He could’ve had all his basketball skills drained from his body by … Read more

“You don’t have to worry about Tatum because Ben Simmons is basically Kawhi over there”

Ben Simmons could address two of the biggest weaknesses the Brooklyn Nets had last season. The Australian’s size and defensive versatility is nearly unmatched in the NBA. Given Simmons’ well-chronicled offensive struggles, the Nets are built to withstand those woes with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Brooklyn, however, can be a more balanced and complete … Read more

“We’ve been so blessed here to have guys who want to come”

Kevin Durant was linked to several teams after he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on June 30. Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams said he was shocked by the rumors linking KD to the Suns. The rumors centered around Durant wanting to play with Devin Booker. The Suns reportedly offered the Nets a package … Read more

“That’s the death lineup on steroids”

Many are anticipating Ben Simmons’ first game with the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN’s senior NBA writer Brian Windhorst thinks they could be outstanding with Simmons in the lineup. Simmons was traded to the Nets at the Feb. 10 trade deadline and has not yet played his first game Brooklyn. With the All-Star guard playing alongside Kyrie … Read more

Nets still feel like fool’s gold ahead of reunion tour

What could go wrong?Image: Getty Images Welp Here we go again. Let’s get ready to run it back one more time in Brooklyn. Kevin during and Kyrie Irving are keeping their parked asses where they were last year: In the safe confines of Barclays Center. Yes, they’re reunited, but it probably doesn’t feel as good … Read more

Kevin Durant staying with Nets

Kevin Durant is staying put.illustration: Getty Images The Association’s red hot summer of jack shit continues, with the crown jewel of the offseason — the true Petty King, Kevin Durant —appearing to be locked atop Brooklyn’s scepter. In a tweet from the Nets’ official Twitter account, GM Sean Marks issued a statement saying he, Steve … Read more

Ben Simmons handles heckler while candy shopping

Ben Simmons screenshot: twitter If you’re looking for Ben Simmons, you won’t find him on an NBA court, that’s for sure. If you’re lucky enough, you just might sneak up on him in a candy store rummaging through the selection. Comedian Gerald Huston walked up on Simmons and decided to give the NBA star a … Read more

Does LSU’s Myles Brennan get to keep his NIL deals?

Myles Brennanphoto: AP After five years, a championship ring, two major injuries, three starts, an entry into the transfer portal, a coaching change, and an exit from the transfer portal, sixth-year LSU quarterback Myles Brennan announced on Monday that he would be stepping away from football permanently. Brennan, who took over for Joe Burrow after … Read more

NBA releases win-loss projections for 2022-23 season

photo: AP When oddsmakers release NBA win-total futures, most casual fans scan right to their teams’ over/under and say, “My team’s better than that.” After a prolonged and misguided rant about sharps who do this for a living doing their job, the next move is to find the franchises they hate and bitch about the … Read more