Jennifer Lopez Reveals the “Perfect” Line Ben Affleck Quoted From One of His Movies During His Wedding Speech

When it came to finding just the right words to express to his new wife how much he loves her, Ben Affleck didn’t have to look too far, pulling a line straight out of one of his movies. Jennifer Lopez shared a number of romantic details from their three-day Georgia nuptials in the latest edition … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Says Wedding Guest Who “Sold” Video From Their Ceremony “Took Advantage of Our Private Moment”

Jennifer Lopez is dead set on finding out which one of her wedding guests violated their NDA in order to turn a profit off private footage of her big day. Over the weekend, TMZ published cell phone footage taken of the pop star serenading her new husband at their wedding reception with a song written … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Dismissed Backup Dancers Due to Their Star Sign

Jennifer Lopez is across an ocean enjoying her honeymoon with her husband, Ben Affleck, but back home the girls are talking. What are the girls saying? That Lopez once dismissed prospective backup dancers who were Virgos. And it isn’t just some random person who is claiming this. It’s Heather Morris of glee, who is also … Read more

Yes, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Second Wedding Comes With a Second Honeymoon

Just when you thought everyone was in France, everyone is actually in Italy. That includes Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who are even newer newlyweds than the last time they went to Europe. Quick timeline to get us all on the same page: First, J.Lo and B.Affleck got legally married in Vegas’s A Little White … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Wore $2 Million in Diamond Jewelry and Three Dresses During Wedding to Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Wore $2 Million in Diamond Jewelry and Three Dresses During Wedding to Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Wore $2 Million in Diamond Jewelry and Three Dresses During Wedding to Ben Affleck Bennifer is taking a second run at love—and wedding celebrations. The couple first tied the knot in July in Las Vegas before … Read more

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress: See the 3 lavish gowns worn in latest ceremony – National

Even on her (second) wedding day, it’s impossible to forget that Jennifer Lopez is a style icon. On Tuesday, the newly married star shared several photos of the three bridal looks she wore while saying “I do” to husband Ben Affleck during a second ceremony Saturday at their home in Riceboro, Ga. The couple was … Read more

Casey Affleck Welcomes Jennifer Lopez to the Family After Missing Her and Ben Affleck’s Wedding Ceremony

Casey Affleck may have missed his brother Ben Affleck‘s wedding over the weekend, but he still gave his new sister-in-law, Jennifer Lopeza warm welcome to the family. On Sunday, the actor shared an old paparazzi photo on Instagram showing the three of them walking down the street back when Ben and the pop star had … Read more

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Prepare For Three-Day Wedding Extravaganza In Savannah, Georgia

Most of the people reading this entry were probably not invited to witness Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as they follow their Las Vegas elopement with a more elaborate second wedding. (Full disclosure: I was…also not invited.) But it seems not to matter much whether any of us will be there in person: entertainment journalists … Read more

A “Purpose Coach” Will Reportedly Marry Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

It’s the wedding we seemingly know everything about: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck‘s three-day celebrations tomorrow (they were already legally married in Vegas). But here’s one more factoid: Jay Shetty, a podcaster, will reportedly officiate Lopez and Affleck’s nuptials, according to Page Six. Shetty is a “purpose coach,” which, as he explained to J.Lo herself … Read more

Once More With Feeling: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Reportedly Plan to Tie the Knot Extra Tight This Weekend

TMZ is reporting once again that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are throwing a wedding party in Georgia. The last time they reported their plans, the couple simply got married in Vegas and felt out their own news bulletin about it. But this time, the report is that the extravaganza is scheduled for this weekend: … Read more