For La Bouche Rouge, the Road to Sustainability Begins With Desire

Lately a sphinx-like riddle has been making the rounds in beauty circles. What is the most sustainable brand? The answer: The one that does not exist. That counter-intuitive notion—success by sitting out the game—came to mind on a recent afternoon in Paris, as I arrived at the storybook department store, La Samaritaine. An escalator deposited … Read more

Forever young, beautiful and scandal-free: The rise of South Korea’s virtual influencers

She’s got more than 130,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts photos of her globetrotting adventures. Her makeup is always impeccable, her clothes look straight off the runway. She sings, dances and models — and none of it is real. Rozy is a South Korean “virtual influencer,” a digitally rendered human so realistic she is … Read more

“I’m Not Proud”: Given a Second Chance, Jane Fonda Probably Wouldn’t Do the Facelift Again

In a new interview, Jane Fonda, environmentalist and patron saint of leg warmers, told Vogue that women don’t have to fear aging. Just look: ela She’s all the proof you need. “Well, for one thing, I want young people to stop being afraid about getting older,” she said. “What matters isn’t age, isn’t that chronological … Read more

Kaia Gerber on ‘The Office’ Memes, Summertime Scents, and the Genius of Carol Burnett

Kaia Gerber is in a flourishing, long-term relationship, you might say: with sun-warmed fields, gauzy white dresses, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. When the model signed on as the fragrance face in 2017 (ten years into the perfume’s blockbuster run), it was an inspired choice. Who better to personify the feeling of youthful freedom than a … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Here to Fine-Tune Your Bedtime Routine

Gwyneth Paltrow, figurehead of aspirational living, has a great many things under control. Her her wellness her empire, her abdominals, even the imprint of time itself, as suggested by her her 50th birthday September 27. (Paltrow is a Libra, which Susan Miller‘s Astrology Zone sums up in two words: “Socialize, Beautify.”) But early last week, … Read more

Julianne Moore on the Fallacy of “Anti-Aging” and the Covid-Era Resonance of ‘Safe’

Julianne Moore, master interpreter of uncanny domestic life, is smiling at me from a facsimile of her home. “This is a rental, but still all the same stuff,” the actor says over Zoom, gesturing to the Thomas Struth photograph behind her, depicting a primeval, vine-strewn forest. It used to hang along a hallway in her … Read more

16 Beauty Leaders on Reimagining Packaging for a Sustainability-Conscious Age

This may sound like a familiar scene: You’ve reached the final pump of a beloved serum or the last inky swipe from a mascara tube, and before you go to chuck the vessel, you take a look and wonder, “Can I recycle this ?” For many beauty products, the answer is often an unhelpfully murky … Read more

Idris and Sabrina Elba on Launching a Beauty Line With ‘Coupledom‘ at Its Heart

Idris: It’s the basic essentials. For me, I work long days, long hours. I’m not unfamiliar with skin routines because in film and television every day I have makeup on. But for me, in my everyday life, it needs to be nice and simple, and it needs to be effective. I want my face to … Read more

FKA twigs on Perfume as Spiritual Communion and the “Journey of Moving Forward”

FKA twigs, if not exactly clairvoyant, you have a crystal-clear lens on the present. “I have fallen back in love with music, danger, trying new things, sex, love, raves,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post. No more careful cocooning. It’s time to live—holy rites by earthly means. “I’m definitely a very spiritual person,” the … Read more

Miss International Queen 2022: Philippines’ Fuschia Anne Ravena wins transgender beauty pageant

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN Filipina beauty queen Fuschia Anne Ravena has been named winner of Miss International Queen 2022, a contest described by organizers as the world’s largest beauty pageant for transgender women. The 27-year-old entrepreneur, who hails from Cebu province in the Philippines, won the crown during a televised finale in the Thai … Read more