Jamie Dornan, Anya Taylor-Joy, More Invited to Vote for Oscars Next Year

Last year’s biggest breakout Oscar contenders have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year—whether they were ultimately nominated or not. As is typical, first-time nominees from 2021 films, including supporting-acting champs Troy Kotsur (CODA) and Ariana DeBose (West Side Story), and names Jessie Buckley (The Lost Daughter) and … Read more

How a Teenage Dream Became a Nightmare in Yellowjackets’ “Doomcoming”

The Scene: yellowjackets Season One, Episode Nine, “Doomcoming” It is, in theory, any teenage boy’s dream comes true. Dressed in their forestry finest for their “Doomcoming” party, and under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms that have been slipped into their stew, a large group of girls descended upon the cabin where Travis (Kevin Alves) and … Read more

How Dune, Titanic, and More Inspired the Stranger Things 4 Finale

Heymann: That was one of the benefits of having this amazing ceiling that Chris and his team had built: Each individual pocket in the overall grid, we could control them individually. It wasn’t like the whole room was going on and off, but there’s this very dynamic sense in which the light is dancing around … Read more

The Advice Ron Howard Got From Jonathan Demme That Changed Everything

It took Ron Howard a while to work up the courage to make documentaries. Yes, even after a multidecade career that included multiple cultural phenomena and a best-picture win, the director of everything from splash to The Da Vinci Code needed time to work his way up to the idea. “Brian Grazer actually ventured into … Read more

The Making—And Undoing—Of Yellowjackets Queen Bee Jackie

In the superficial hierarchy of young adulthood, yellowjackets queen bee Jackie Taylor (Ella Purnell) has a perfect life. Pretty, rich, and popular, the suburban New Jersey teen in Showtime’s horror series is the captain of an all-star girls soccer team in 1996 and has big plans to go to Rutgers—assuming, without really asking, that she’ll … Read more

The Coming-of-Age Movie That Broke the Mold

Take a look at the lineup at the Sundance Film Festival each year and it’s possible one out of every three films you read about will be a coming-of-age story. It’s a venerable genre for a reason, and an especially appealing one for the kind of up-and-coming filmmakers who arrive at Sundance; after all, when … Read more

How Evil Pulled Off Its Gorgeous, Weird Silent Episode

if evil is weird TV, “S Is for Silence” marks a true peak of weirdness. The standout episode from the second season of the acclaimed series, created by Emmy nominees Robert King and Michelle King (The Good Wife), is almost entirely silent, set at a monastery where there’s no electricity and talking is not allowed. … Read more

The “Layered Absurdity” of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Wonder Wheel Scene

Additionally, the real Wonder Wheel has some carriages that rock and roll back and forth—but the team decided it would be too difficult to shoot with those while still hearing the dialogue, so they were cut early on from the plan. They decided that every character would be in a stationary white carriage and only … Read more