Asuka must win women’s Royal Rumble for Charlotte Flair feud

Asuka during her days as NXT champion, with Triple HPhoto: WWE I’m not stupid. Well, I’m not that stupid. At least some of the time, when the few neurons I have left fire at the same time. I know Rhea Ripley is winning the Royal Rumble on Saturday. You know Rhea Ripley is winning the … Read more

Bray Wyatt appears to have been recruiting former WWE Women’s Champion for several months 

Bray Wyatt has been planting clues and is looking to recruit several stars on WWE’s main roster since he returned at Extreme Rules. Fans have spotted Wyatt’s clues on RAW over the past few weeks, and it is believed that these were aimed at Alexa Bliss, who was once linked to The Fiend. However, a … Read more

Alexa Bliss explains why she feels “boring” on WWE TV 

Multi-time women’s champion Alexa Bliss is interested in bringing another version of her character on-screen, as she feels that she’s “boring” on WWE TV right now. The former RAW Women’s Champion has portrayed numerous characters throughout her WWE career. During the pandemic era, she had a supernatural gimmick and paired with Bray Wyatt. Alexa Bliss … Read more

WWE’s Triple H era starts with an encouraging SummerSlam show

Brock Lesnar flips the ring upside down with A GODDAMN TRACTOR.screenshot: WWE The week leading up to Saturday night’s SummerSlam felt particularly guarded. Most of the stories about the workings backstage in the wake of Vince McMahon’s “retirement” and Triple H’s taking over of creative referred to the plans for the company’s second biggest show … Read more