India’s startup market has tremendous potential

India’s startup market is worth betting on, though it’s still “a few years” behind China’s, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin said. During a panel discussion at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore this week, Saverin said his investment company B Capital is deploying “a lot of dollars” into India and is thinking about the long-term … Read more

The golden age of globalization has ended: Singapore’s Lawrence Wong

“The golden age of globalization that we experienced in the last 30 years since the end of the Cold War has ended clearly and we are entering a new era, a new era that will be marked by greater geopolitical contestation,” said Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong. Bloomberg | Bloomberg … Read more

What is required to travel to Hong Kong? Many, many tests

Travelers headed to Hong Kong no longer need to quarantine in a hotel upon arrival. But they will have to submit to a barrage of Covid tests. They can go to work, take public transportation and go to supermarkets, but for the first three days, travelers can’t go into “high-risk premises” such as restaurants, bars … Read more

Why analysts are bullish on the SGD

“The Singapore dollar is usually considered a haven currency compared to Southeast Asian currencies,” said Max Lin, Asia FX and rates strategist at Credit Suisse. Jayk7 | Moment | Getty Images The Singapore dollar has remained resilient against the US dollar buoyant compared with its regional peers, and analysts say it’s a relatively “safe haven” … Read more

The ‘real cure’ for inflation has gone ignored, Steve Forbes says

The British pound plunged to a record low on Monday morning in Asia, following last week’s announcement by the new UK government that it would implement tax cuts and investment incentives to boost growth. In focusing on raising interest rates to cool inflation, central banks and governments have overlooked the importance of maintaining stable currencies, … Read more

Analysts discuss U.S. interest rates, dollar, Asian Financial Crisis

The world economy may be facing conditions seen during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis — aggressive US interest rate hikes and a strengthening US dollar. But history is unlikely to be repeated, analysts said, though they caution that some economies in the region are particularly vulnerable to currency devaluations reminiscent of the time. On Wednesday, … Read more

Asia’s developing economies are set to grow faster than China’s

Chinese laborers working at a construction site at sunset in Chongqing, China. Getty Images Asia’s developing economies may be showing signs of recovery, but the Asian Development Bank (ADB) cut its growth forecasts for them yet again — thanks to China’s extended zero-Covid policy. But this will be the first time in more than three … Read more

CEO of Alibaba-owned Daraz gives tips for building successful business

After spending six years working for Goldman Sachs as an investment banker, Bjarke Mikkelsen faced a dilemma. “I had a very comfortable life, but I wasn’t really feeling like I had a purpose,” he told CNBC Make It. “In banking, you’re always in the end, an advisor. I knew I wanted to try and run … Read more

India is the ‘best bet’ in the global economy

The India chairman of conglomerate Hinduja Group said he’s bullish on India, which he called “the very great emerging, fast moving market.” Speaking to CNBC on Thursday, Ashok Hinduja explained: “We see a recession coming in US, recession coming in UK, in Europe, problems in China, [a] problem in Southeast Asia under the fear of … Read more

What to expect at the Bank of Japan (BOJ)’s next meeting as yen sinks

The Japanese yen is hovering close to its weakest levels since 1998, and authorities have hinted at taking action to stem the currency’s decline. Ahead of Bank of Japan’s rate decision later this week, CNBC takes a look at whether Japan’s central bank might shift from its ultra-loose monetary policy, as the Federal Reserve maintains … Read more