US returns looted cultural artifacts to Cambodia

Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN New York officials have returned 30 cultural artifacts to Cambodia, including a 10th-century Khmer sculptural “masterpiece,” after the items were illegally sold to private collectors and a US museum. The antiquities, which had been taken from temples and archeological sites during periods of civil conflict in the country, entered the … Read more

American photographer Doug Inglish recreates intimate portraits of young male models

Written by Rachel Fadem, CNN A young man poses shirtless, hung low around the waist jeans. His hands, which are placed delicately atop his head, accentuate his ribs and the curve of his back as he stares deep into the lens. Next to this portrait is another photo of an older man striking precisely the … Read more

Damien Hirst to burn thousands of paintings for new project

This article was originally published by The Art Newspaper, an editorial partner of CNN Style. It was a project always destined to go up in a puff of smoke, at least part of it. And now British artist Damien Hirst has announced he will burn thousands of his paintings at his London gallery as part … Read more

Intimate portraits of LGBTQ youths living deep in the Amazon rainforest

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN While eating dinner at a restaurant in Careiro, a small town deep in the Amazon rainforest, Daniel Jack Lyons was unexpectedly approached by a local drag performer, Wendell. Two days earlier, the American photographer had met with young community leaders in the hope that some might participate in a new … Read more

‘Magic mirror’: Hidden image revealed in reflection of centuries-old artifact at Cincinnati Art Museum

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN Amid the thousands of treasures in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s East Asian art collection, a small bronze mirror dating back to the 15th or 16th century always seemed rather unremarkable. Last exhibited in 2017, it had spent much of the preceding decades in storage, where it sat on a backroom … Read more

Hidden Van Gogh self-portrait found behind another painting

Written by Amarachi Orie, CNNLondon A hidden self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh has been discovered behind one of his paintings, covered by layers of glue and cardboard for more than a century. The image was found when art conservators took an X-ray of Van Gogh’s 1885 “Head of a Peasant Woman” painting ahead of a … Read more

‘Gangnam Style’ at 10: How Psy’s smash hit sent Korean culture global

The early 2010s were an era of instant hits. From the “Harlem Shake” to “Party Rock Anthem”, digital platforms ushered in a new era of publicity — and virality. On July 15, 2012, South Korean singer and rapper Psy broke onto the global music scene with a bright blue tuxedo, an unforgettable horse-riding dance and … Read more

Steven Ahlgren’s photos of ’90s offices evoke a bygone era

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN The role that offices play in our lives has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Among US workers able to perform their jobs from home, almost six in 10 now do so most, or all, of the time, according to a Pew Research Center survey published in February. Of those, … Read more

Photographer Barbara Iweins cataloged all 12,795 items in her house. This is what she found

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN After going through a divorce and moving home for the 11th time, Barbara Iweins decided to take stock of her life — and everything in it. Going from room to room, she spent almost five years documenting every single object she owns, from loose Lego bricks and old keychains to … Read more

‘Kaali’: Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai faces death threats over controversial Hindu goddess poster

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN A Toronto-based filmmaker says she has received a deluge of death threats and abuse from Hindu nationalists in India after she depicted the goddess Kali smoking a cigarette. The image, which featured on a poster for her independent film “Kaali”, has sparked nationwide debate in India, with politicians, diplomats and … Read more