Where should Kyrie Irving land?

Image: shutterstock (Getty Images) Is there a current NBA player who invokes more disgust, loathing, and aversion than Kyrie Irving? The Brooklyn Nets guard is on his way to imploding his third team. First, he demanded out of Cleveland after tiring playing second fiddle to LeBron James. Then he aggressively bounced out of Boston, creating … Read more

The death of the NBA superteam (for now)

The Warriors, built over time.Image: Getty Images The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors Finals was one of the most engaging championship fights of recent memory. The Celtics were on a Cinderella tear on their way to facing a retooled, post-Kevin Durant Warriors. Both teams had organically built the backbone of their roster through adept … Read more

The plan in is place and the pieces are set — now the Pelicans just have to execute

Pelicans President of Basketball Operations David Griffin (l.) and GM Trajan Langdonphoto: Getty Images The New Orleans Pelicans blueprint was on display in the 2022 NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics may have finished two wins from completing the dream of winning their 18th title but their future serves at what the Pelicans have brewing. Eight … Read more

Bradley Beal seems shocked at free agent status

Did Bradley Beal actually want to stay in DC?Image: Getty Images Bradley Beal was expected to be the crown jewel of free agency this offseason. It was beginning to feel like things were falling into place for that to happen on Tuesday when it was reported by Michael Scotto of hoophype that Beal would be … Read more

Skip Bayless questions LA Lakers’ potential trade for Kyrie Irving

The LA Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets had disappointing seasons. The Lakers failed to make the playoffs, while the Nets were swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics. Both teams were favorites to have deep playoff runs, yet things just didn’t work out for them. Skip Bayless recently tweeted about a potential Davis-for-Irving … Read more

“I can’t confirm or deny that, he’s definitely a candidate”

There are rumors that the LA Lakers will hire Rasheed Wallace as part of the coaching staff. The Lakers are horrid 2 major restructuring following their 2022 campaign. They finished out of the playoff bracket despite putting together a team specifically to contend for the title. Immediately after their season came to an end, they … Read more

The Los Angeles Lakers could trade Anthony Davis.

The LA Lakers won an NBA championship in 2020, doing so in the bubble by defeating the Miami Heat as LeBron James won his fourth title. Since then, however, the team has struggled. In 2021, they were eliminated by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs. A year later, they got even … Read more

Darvin Ham may bring big things to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The LA Lakers had some very disappointing results in the past two years. Ever since they won it all in 2020, the Lakers have failed to make a deep playoff run. In 2021, they were eliminated in the first round by the Phoenix Suns. Last season, they couldn’t even reach the final play-in spot as … Read more

Darvin Ham is ready for success with the LA Lakers.

The LA Lakers have a new head coach and he looks like the perfect fit for the job. Darvin Ham, who was an assistant coach for the 2021 Milwaukee Bucks, will lead the Lakers next season. LeBron James and the rest of the team haven’t played well since winning it all back in 2020. However, … Read more

“He plays against Giannis, he plays against Embiid… He’s taking specific looks at what LeBron does”

One of the woes faced by the LA Lakers during the NBA season was the injuries to top players, especially Anthony Davis. The center played in only 40 games, missing 42. The super team was barely on display due to injuries suffered by two of the Big Three. With Russell Westbrook playing almost all the … Read more