Inside Ana de Armas’s Marilyn Monroe Transformation for Blonde

When Ana de Armas first saw herself dressed as Marilyn Mone in Netflix’s highly anticipatedro new film blondethe roller coaster of emotions hit her hard. “It felt so real. It was a very strong sensation… because it’s hard for me not to report to the story of what was happening to her and to the … Read more

Ana De Armas’ NC-17 Marilyn Monroe Biopic ‘Blonde’ Premieres At TIFF: Review

For those who have long complained that too many biopics are staid and formulaic—we see a familiar rise, the expected fall (or bobble), and then some kind of warmly summative ending—the director Andrew Dominiklike Todd Haynes and others before him, has come up with a different approach. His adaptation of blondethe popular novel by Joyce … Read more

Ana de Armas Doesn’t Understand Why ‘Blonde’ Is Rated NC-17

After its upcoming premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic, blonde, will join the likes of showgirls and Blue Is the Warmest Color as one of the rare major films rated NC-17 (not suitable for audiences under age 18). although star Ana de Armas it’s not totally on board with the distinction. … Read more

New on Netflix: The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming in September 2022

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Marilyn Monroe’s Estate Defends Ana de Armas Casting Amidst Accent Backlash

Just days after the latest trailer for Netflix’s blondean NC-17-rated film about the life and career of Marilyn Monroe, the late star’s estate is defending the casting of Ana de Armas. Following the footage and exclusive images from vanity fairsome began debating of weapons portrayalincluding perceived detections of her Cuban accent. But the group that … Read more

10 Years Later, We’re Somehow Living in an Episode of ‘Smash’

It’s been 10 years since the leading ladies of smash implored us to let them be our stars. NBC’s musical series, which centered on the creation of a fictional Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe, started as a promising pilot that premiered after that year’s Super Bowl. But the show soon returned into a soapy cautionary … Read more

‘Blonde’: An Exclusive Look at Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe

blonde is not a traditional biopic, a genre that too often lionizes its subject by focusing only on the most extraordinary episodes of her life. instead, blonde focuses on destiny: a woman in search of love who will become a great seductress. Helped by her malleability and innate sex appeal, she will be adored, coveted, … Read more

Ben Affleck Is One of the Reasons Ana de Armas Left Los Angeles

The glare of the public eye was just a little too intense for Ana de Armas when she was living in Los Angeles and in a relationship with Ben Affleck. In an interview for she‘s August 2022 cover, the actress said that all the attention she received from the media and the paparazzi is “one … Read more