Steelers vs. Browns on Amazon

Let’s see how long Mitch Trubisky lasts as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ starting QBImage: Getty Images Amazon wants its Thursday Night Football games to be a Monday or Sunday night event as bad as Cleveland wants a Super Bowl. Well, maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad. Tonight’s game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland features one … Read more

Carolina Panthers for the over, Vikings headed to the Super Bowl and more

Image: Getty Images The term “same faces, new places” has never been more relevant after the NFL hosted probably its wildest and most active offseason in history. We even witnessed the greatest of all time do a complete about-face on his retirement. All these significant changes might lead to a little intimidation from a betting … Read more

5 NFL teams with high expectations that could easily disappoint

photo: Getty Images Tua Tagovailoa is facing the most pressure of any young quarterback in the league heading into the 2022 campaign. The kid drafted one pick after him (Justin Herbert) in Los Angeles has set the league on fire in his first two seasons, won offensive Rookie of the Year, and was named to … Read more

Texans, Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Jets

1. New York Jets Image: Getty Images The Jets had a pretty good offseason. Unfortunately, they probably won’t improve enough to make a huge impact in the standings. At best, they’ll be the third-best team in the AFC East which isn’t exactly the toughest division in the NFL. And Zach Wilson is likely to miss … Read more

Baltimore Ravens should win division, but don’t forget the Steelers

Najee Harrisphoto: Getty Images The favorites in the AFC North are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals scratched and clawed their way to the Super Bowl last season, and were a handful of plays away from winning the game. Injuries derailed the Ravens’ 2021 season before the train left the station, and … Read more

Mike Tomlin should get it over with and just start Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickettphoto: Getty Images “What is this if not betrayal? She felt you after me knowing you’re not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad.” – Raoul Silva Anytime you can work a Javier Bardem”skyfall” quote into an article, you might as well make it the thesis of your piece. This is … Read more

Deshaun Watson to play in preseason opener despite common sense

Deshaun Watson, preseason starterImage: getty (Getty Images) The Cleveland Browns have relentlessly embarrassed their fanbase for going on nearly a quarter century. Most of the reason the Dawg Pound has been shrouded in masks made of paper bags and jerseys listing dozens of failed starting QBs as if they were KIA is the putrid on-field … Read more

Can Cincinnati Bengals repeat last year’s success? History says not likely

Can Joe Burrow and the Bengals do it again? Don’t count on it.Image: AP The Cincinnati Bengals were every analyst’s nightmare last season. Nobody expected them to win the AFC North. They did. Nobody expected them to reach the Super Bowl. They did. Now, in 2022, everyone is expecting similar results, maybe not another Super … Read more

Jimmy G must be off 49ers’ roster by the time the season starts

Where will Jimmy G end up?photo: Getty Images It’s been a wild ride for Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco, to say the least. He’s been nothing short of a savior for the franchise, returning them to their status as a powerhouse in the NFC. But all good things must come to an end, and that … Read more

Bettors picking New York Jets to win Super Bowl LVII

State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., the site of Super Bowl LVII.illustration: shutterstock When I think of potential 2023 Super Bowl winners, I think of the Bills, the Bucs, the Chargers, the Bengals, and maybe even the Denver Broncos — the AFC West is stacked — depending on how risky I’m feeling. Perhaps that’s why, … Read more