“Thing of beauty” “It’s gonna be a record breaking season!”

New York Yankees superstar Aaron Judge continued his record-breaking home run with a monster home run against the Boston Red Sox. The blast could not be contained by Fenway Park, with the 429 foot homer sailing over the Green Monster and out of the stadium. This is Judge’s 46 home run of the year, and … Read more

Hologram Harry Caray part of MLB’s Field of Dreams game

What’s your favorite planet? Mine’s the sun!screenshot: Fox Sports (YouTube) Overall, the Field of Dreams game is fine. Perhaps teams should be “flexed” into it during the season, so you don’t end up with two Quad-A rosters in the one regular season game MLB gives the network primetime treatment. Though if you’re trying to showcase … Read more

AL Central’s last place Detroit Tigers fire VP, GM Al Avila

Al Avila got shitcannedphoto: AP Were you in the mood for a world-class bus-tossing? Did you want to start your day with the sound of an express pulverizing an unsuspecting individual DJ Jazzy Jeff’d into its path? Does the morning need a kickstart with a thunderous “THWACK?” Friendo, you’re in luck: That’s Mike Illitch’s failson … Read more

“This has to be one of the most embarrassing performances of a baseball team of all time” “All I feel is sadness”

It may have taken 13 long innings, but the Seattle Mariners managed to defeat the New York Yankees earlier today (August 9). The game was tied all the way up until the walk-off single scored the first run of the game. The talent of both teams pitching rotations was on full display as the shutout … Read more

“Waino’s curve even fools the ump from time to time” “Even Judge looked a bit surprised”

During the New York Yankees vs. St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday, the home plate umpire made some questionable calls. This included an obvious strike thrown by Adam Wainwright to Yankees star Aaron Judge. Wainwright threw his signature curveball right down the middle on an 0-0 count. Both parties just assumed that was a strike, yet … Read more

“Welp, this road trip is off to a ridiculous & disgusting start” “How is it even possible to suck this much”

The New York Yankees’ struggles continued on the road, and their fans are beginning to panic after being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are a strong team that has now taken the lead in the National League Central. However, the Yankees are supposed to be the best team in the MLB. Being … Read more

Former Patriots lineman crashed car to avoid Belichick’s wrath

Rich Ohrnbergerphoto: AP In the barren wasteland that is sports in August, there are only baseball and speculative NFL stories to write about. And since we just wrote about Aaron Judge and he didn’t hit a dinger Friday night, we’ve got football chatter for you. Today’s anecdote comes from former New England Patriot offensive lineman … Read more

Aaron Judge in a one-man race for home run immortality

ALL RISE!photo: AP It’s never happened. In the current digital age, baseball has never had a true chase for the sport’s most sacred single-season record. Aaron Judge is making his games appointment television in a transcendent way that the Major Leagues haven’t had for a non-playoff game since Barry Bonds’ 73-home run campaignwhich doubled with … Read more

Complete eligibility criteria to participate in tournaments in the Fantasy Baseball Game

MLB Sorare has started hosting tournaments. Below is all the information you need to compete in each tournament. The Common All-Star tournament is fully free-to-play and open to anybody as only common cards are allowed. When you win tournaments, you can win rarer and rarer cards. These cards give you access to higher level tournaments. … Read more

2022 MLB trade deadline recap

And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest, Joey Gallo.Image: Getty Images This year’s MLB trade deadline may not have seen as many high-impact players dealt as 2021, but there was still a myriad of moves made that will impact the postseason races as the season winds down. While you’ve probably read a ton … Read more