Ron DeSantis: The Making and Remaking (and Remaking) of a MAGA Heir

DeSantis’s focus on television was prescient. “Ron was obsessed with Fox. That’s how he got on Trump’s radar,” the former adviser said. Multiple Republicans who interacted with DeSantis told me DeSantis began tailoring his policies to appeal to Fox viewers. “His first question was always, ‘How will that play on Fox?’ If you give an … Read more

The “Dark Brandon” Joe Biden Meme Has Made Its Way Into the White House

Clearly, Democrats are excited to have something to be excited about, which might explain the lightheartedness—a departure from the meticulously managed media strategy that the administration has adhered to, often to the frustration of reporters, for the past year and a half. Plus, the “Dark Brandon” portrayal casts the president as a force to be … Read more

Liz Cheney’s Media Strategy Doesn’t Look Like It’s For Her Upcoming Primary Race

In the final days of her reelection campaign, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has called upon dear old Dad. A vest-wearing, cowboy hat-clad Dick Cheney is front and center in the latest campaign ad for his daughter, a three-term Republican congresswoman facing tough odds against Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman in August 16’s GOP primary. “In our … Read more

The Media’s Gaze is Searching For Signs of a Trump-Fox Split

Last Friday, the New York Times published an article spotlighting former president Donald Trump‘s recent absence from Fox News—more than 100 days since his last interview on the Rupert Murdoch-owned network—and raised questions about what Fox’s more skeptical approach to Trump could mean for his political prospects. On Sunday, the Washington Post‘s Sarah Ellison and … Read more

Ron DeSantis Splinters Never Trumpers

While the next presidential race is still more than a year away from really heating up, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have cemented themselves as the GOP’s early front-runners. Neither has formally declared an intention to run, but Trump recently told new York magazine that he has “already made [a] decision” about 2024, and insisted … Read more

The RNC Has Been Bankrolling Trump’s Legal Bills. If He Runs, They’re Cutting Him Off.

The Republican National Committee may force former President Donald Trump to choose between the spotlight and a mountain of legal bills. “Since October 2021, the Republican National Committee has paid nearly $2 million to law firms representing Trump as part of his defense against personal litigation and government investigations,” ABC News reported Wednesday—financial support that … Read more

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on DeSantis vs. Trump, Plus the President’s Actions on Jan. 6

My opinion is that she knew what was going on that day from perhaps that she had been up in the residence or phone calls that she listened to in on. She was often in the room when he was on the phone with people. They’d be on speaker together. So I just felt like … Read more

Will Republicans Shut Out the Press in 2024?

This past weekend, Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio, both of whom are up for reelection this fall, headlined the Republican Party of Florida’s annual Sunshine Summit. Other high-profile Florida Republicans were also in attendance at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino event, which this year tried something new: after seven years of being … Read more

Donald Trump Should Never Be Allowed Within 1,000 Feet of the White House Again: A Pocket Guide

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know: Donald Trump is reportedly thinking about running for president a third time. As he would only be one of a handful of ex-presidents to run again after losing reelection, there aren’t a lot of historical parallels for this, should he announce. But it would kind of … Read more

Trump: Maybe This is a Good Time to Tell People I’m Running Again

The Jan. 6 committee’s public hearings have led to a slew of bad headlines for Donald Trump. Most recently, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson‘s explosive testimony detailed the former president’s alleged attempt to seize the wheel from his security detail to attend the insurrection, as well as a lunch-throwing meltdown over the Justice Department’s … Read more