Sri Lanka president thanks India for ‘timely assistance’

As he called for an all party government to deal with the economic crisis Sri Lanka is facing, President Ranil Wickremesinghe on Wednesday thanked PM Modi for providing the island nation “a breath of life” by lending timely economic assistance. “I wish to specially mention the assistance provided by India, our closest neighbour, in our efforts of economic revitalization,” he said.
“The government of India under the leadership of PM Modi has given us a breath of life. On behalf of my people and that of my own, I convey our gratitude to PM Modi, the government and people of India,” he added.
Modi had earlier written to the president saying India will be supportive of the quest of the Sri Lankan people for the stability and economic recovery of the island nation “through established democratic means”. Wickremesinghe, who is regarded by many as a friend of India, made the remarks while addressing a ceremonial sitting of parliament. He said the Sri Lankan economy was hit by opposition to foreign investment projects.
“When we tried to develop the oil tank complex in Trincomalee with India, it was stated that it would be a sell out to India, and the project was halted. If at that time we were allowed to develop the oil tank complex, today people wouldn’t have to spend many days in queues for fuel,” he said.


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