Princess Kate’s Children Can’t Believe She Looked “So Young” In Engagement Photos

Princess Kate shared some funny stories about her three children this week as she and Prince William continue their first tour of Wales since assuming their new titles following Queen Elizabeth’s death earlier this month.

The Prince and Princess of Wales paid a visit to Anglesey where they spent some time meeting with the crowds of well-wishers. In a video shared on TikTok, Kate can be seen stopping to chat with a woman holding a Union Jack flag printed with one of her and William’s 2010 engagement photos of her. In the clip, the princess pauses before asking with a laugh, “Oh my goodness, is that from our engagement?,” adding that she and William “always laugh about this.” But on a more serious note, the princess continued, “You know we’ve been married for 11 years and we’ve been together double that, so it’s extraordinary.” She also shared an amusing anecdote about Prince George, Princess Charlotteand Prince Louis, explaining, “Our children look back at photos and are like ‘mummy you look so young.’” She concluded, “It’s nice coming back to Wales because it’s where we lived and had our family. It’s been a really special day.” Anglesey is also where Kate carried out her first ever royal engagement eleven years ago when she and William were still newly engaged.

This latest stop on their Welsh tour comes after the prince and princess also paid a visit to Swansea on Tuesday immediately after the royal mourning period officially came to a close. The couple also spoke with several locals there, including Reverend Steven Bunting who hosted them during their visit to the St. Thomas Church in town. The Reverend awning people that he got to have a chat with William during which he proved his commitment to his new royal title. “He talked about learning Welsh and shared some Welsh phrases he’s trying to do,” Bunting said, revealing that the prince is currently working on the phrases “paned,” meaning a cup, and “bara brith,” which is a traditional Welsh tea bread.

During that visit, the princess also helped church volunteers pack up baby goods for Swansea Baby Basics, which supplies essential childcare items to people in need throughout the city. Rachel Bunting, the wife of the reverend, enthused that Kate “was fabulous. The kids all loved her. She doesn’t talk down to them and can have a conversation—and they appreciate that.” Since the onset of the pandemic, the royal has been deeply involved with the UK’s baby bank network, bringing together a number of corporations to donate over 10,000 new items to 40 organizations. Rachel explained, “The toiletries that her initiative from her provided was a lifeline to those people. It made a huge difference. We don’t get royal visits here often and today made a massive difference. You can see kids everywhere and they’re so excited. For them, they’re probably the most approachable royals. It’s been a massive boost.”

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