Pregnant Inmate Suffered Miscarriage As Cops Stopped At Starbucks, Wins $480,000 Settlement

Sandra Quinones claims the policemen did not call an ambulance. (representational image)

A woman in the United States has been granted $480,000 (Rs 3.83 crore) as compensation over her complaint that she suffered a miscarriage as the policemen who were taking her to the hospital stopped at Starbucks on the way, according to a report in Los Angeles Times. The woman, Sandra Quinones, was pregnant and in Orange County jail for a probation violation in 2016 when the incident took place, the outlet further said. After her water broke, the then 28-year-old asked the police to take her to the hospital but the delay cost her dearly.

Quinones, who is no longer in custody, claimed in her lawsuit that her treatment was delayed for two hours because of the actions of the deputies.

On Tuesday, Orange County Board of Supervisors the firstly agreed to pay Quinones, now 34, the six-figure payout, the LA Times further out. But she has to formally accept the settlement before it becomes final, according to the Orange County Register.

Quinones’ lawyer Richard Herman was quoted as saying by the outlet that she was “dysfunctional” and homeless and even had mental issues but didn’t give up. She has alleged in her lawsuit that the policemen decided against calling an ambulance, then “acted with further deliberate indifference” to her medical needs by stopping her at Starbucks.

The woman’s lawsuit was initially dismissed by a federal court in October 2020 but a court of appeal reinstated it last year.

Quinones was hospitalized but her fetus did not survive, according to the court filing, as per New York Post. Her lawyer said she spent an extended period of time in jail after her miscarriage.


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