Olivia Wilde Denies Jason Sudeikis/Harry Styles Affair

For context, news first emerged that Olivia and Jason had ended their seven-year engagement back in November 2020 — shortly after Harry replaced Shia LaBeouf in Don’t Worry Darling. However, even at the time, initial reports of the split noted that Olivia and Jason had privately ended things earlier in the year.

Still, amid rumors of discontent on the Don’t Worry Darling set, speculation that Harry and Olivia had an affair became rampant. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Olivia said, “The complete horseshit idea that I left Jason for Harry is completely inaccurate.”

“Our relationship was over long before I met Harry. Like any relationship that ends, it doesn’t end overnight. Unfortunately, Jason and I had a very bumpy road, and we officially dissolved the relationship towards the beginning of the pandemic.”

As quarantines set in, Olivia and Jason initially did keep living together: “We were raising two kids during lockdown, so we co-parented through that time. Once it became clear that cohabitating was no longer beneficial for the children, it became the responsible thing to not, because we could be better parents as friends who live in different houses.”

Of course, speculation surrounding the split reached fever pitch when Olivia was served custody papers while on stage at CinemaCon — a moment Olivia said was “consistent with my experience of the relationship.”

Olivia also shut down the rumor that she was so taken with Harry, she neglected Florence Pugh and the rest of the cast. “The idea that I had five seconds in the day to be distracted by anything is laughable,” Olivia explained. “I was there before everyone. I was there after everyone. And it was a dream. It’s not like this work was not enjoyable. It was just all-encompassing.”

The cinematographer for Don’t Worry Darling, Matthew Libatique, added, “It was one of the most harmonious sets I’ve ever been on, and I’m in the middle of the storm.”

You can read the full Vanity Fair profile here.

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