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Meghan Markle fired back at her half sister, Samantha Marklein the latest round of court documents obtained by HollywoodLife. Samantha, 57, sued Meghan, 40, in March 2022 for allegedly lying in her dela and Prince Harry‘s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, particularly over saying she grew up an “only child” despite having a half-sister. In the papers that Megan’s team filed in Florida, she dismissed her sister’s allegations. “It is hard to imagine a more personal and subjective feeling than how one views their own childhood,” the documents read.

“Moreover, Plaintiff’s opposition completely ignores the context of the statement, where Ms. Winfrey asked Meghan about her “relationship” with her Plaintiff (to whom Ms. Winfrey referred as her “half-sister on her father’s side”), ”the documents read. “Meghan’s response to that question that she ‘grew up as an only child’ was obviously not meant to be a statement of objective fact that she had no genetic siblings or half-siblings. Rather, it was a textbook example of a subjective statement about how a person feels about her childhood.”

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Meghan spoke about her relationship with Samantha during the March 2021 interview with Oprah. “I think it would be very hard to ‘tell-all’ when you don’t know me,” Meghan said, referencing her half-sister’s book, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister – Part 1. This is a very different situation than my dad [Thomas Markle]. When you talk about betrayal, betrayal comes from someone you have a relationship with. I don’t feel comfortable talking about people I really don’t know.”

Samantha Markle (Kevin Manning/MEGA) “I grew up as an only child, which everyone who grew up around me knows,” she added. “I wished I had siblings. I would’ve loved to have siblings. I’m so excited to be pregnant so that Archie [Meghan and Prince Harry’s one-year-old son] has someone. The last time I saw [Samantha] must’ve been at least 18, 19 years ago. Before that, 10 years before that.” During the interview, Meghan going accused by her half-sister Samantha Grant and only changed her name back to Markle after she and Harry started dating. “So, I think that says enough,” she added.

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